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  • Julia Shields
    Hello everyone hope your all enjoying your summer! Due to the busyness of the summer, the board has made a preliminary calendar. Please note the days we picked
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 8, 2011
      Hello everyone hope your all enjoying your summer!
      Due to the busyness of the summer, the board has made a preliminary calendar. Please note the days we picked are mostly Wednesdays and a few Thursdays. Please let me know if those days are completely bad for you. Also all are welcome to email me with suggestions or activities and the board can review and hopefully add them to the calendar, it would be awesome however if you have a suggestions or activity that you would like to head it up and organize it.
      Please note some of the calendars activities will ask for volunteers for running parts of or the whole activity, if you feel called please email me.

      There are a few changes I would like to bring to everyone's attention: if all members would please log onto our yahoo site and on the first page you will find the St. Gabriel's Mission Statement if everyone could look that over it would be appreciated, thank you.

      DUES; due to rapid inflation we regret to say we have to raise dues to 15$ a year. If anyone has a hard time with this please, please let us know and we can work something out. Also if anyone feels called to make anymore of a donation that would also be greatly appreciated, we ran out of money before the end of last year.

      ANNOUNCEMENT; Vicky and I (Julia) are starting a new group in our parish for kids 1st grade through 5th grade it is called Faith Filled Kids For Christ. We are holding meetings once a month starting in September (tentatively) the 10th from 1:30 to 3:30. Kids will be diving deeper into our catholic faith through music, fun activities and snacks. Please email me if you're interested.

      Fall/Winter 2011/2012 St. Gabriel's HSG Calendar
      Thursday September 8th Blessed Mothers Birthday Chestnut branch Park
      VOLUNTEERS NEEDED; Baking Cupcakes
      ACTIVITIES; making rosaries

      Wednesday October 12th Hayride at Moods Farm

      Wednesday November 2nd GCL 1-4 All Saints Day Party
      if teens would rather not dress up as a saint an option could be they research and give a description along with some type of design or symbol describing their chosen saint. They can be as creative as the want!
      TEENS 12 and up can also come up with and run a creative carnival game related to saints, all teens who participate will get a PRIZE!

      Thursday December 8th GCL 1-4pm St. Nicholas
      ACTIVITIES; watching St. Nick movie, Stuffing socks for woman's abuse shelter, designing Christmas cards.

      Saturday December 10th (tentative) St. Lucy's Day Carneys Pt
      Girls in white dresses with red ribbons and wreaths on heads and battery candles, boys are welcome to dress up as well, please bring baked goods.

      NEW Saturday January 21st(snow date the 28th) GCL 12:30-5
      ALUMNI and MOMS LUNCHEON (young children who unable to be left or children with out sitters are welcome) ALUMNI Please join us! Cover dish lunch; email me with what you're bringing so we're sure we have a variety.

      Wednesday February 15th 1-4 GCL St. Valentines Day
      VOLUNTEERS; along with the puppet show and the paper bags with valentine cards, if anyone feels called to run parts or all of this party please let us know we just ask that the activities, crafts and games are religious and theme based for both kids and teens.

      NEW March 21st or 22cd GCL 1-4 St. Joseph & Annunciation Party

      Thursday May 10th May Crowning and mother's day party 1-4 (place TBD)
      ACTIVITIES; Flowerpot crafts with flowers symbolizing Mary.
      VOLUNTEERS; for making a crown and bringing real flowers.

      Thursday June 14th end of the year picnic and virtue/ graduation awards Chestnut branch Park 1-3

      Please let us know ASAP if Wednesdays or Thursdays are an absolute no for anyone so I can fix it before I send this to the GCL. Thank you

      Just to let everyone know, the Please touch Museum has a 2$ admission every first Wednesday of the month. The Franklin Institute has FREE admission every 3rd Wednesday of the month and the Please touch Museum in DE is 2$ or 3$ admission every 3rd Wednesday Please Check websites for exact info.
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