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Fw: Fw: Prayers for Kathy Dominik (Wed 20 Feb 2013)

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  • Julia Shields
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      Subject: Fw: Prayers for Kathy Dominik (Wed 20 Feb 2013)
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      Subject: Prayers for Kathy Dominik (Wed 20 Feb 2013)
      Date: Thursday, February 21, 2013, 3:29 AM

      Dear family and friends,

      This email goes out to more than 170 people, and the corresponding support and passion of prayers has been a wondrous blessing. But today we learned that perhaps God has other plans, and all of us, including you who have so generously prayed for Kathy, will come to accept His will. Last week I asked for prayers from Kathy's PET scan, for good results. We got the PET results at Jefferson this afternoon, and they sent her home without chemo, because the PET results were bad. The chemo hasn't stopped the tumor growths, and there are more tumors in different locations, a lot of lesion growth despite the chemo. Significant worsening of disease was the radiologist's report. In effect the chemo did no good at all. Kathy's vocal cords, we learned today, are being compressed by tumor and lymph nodes, explaining why she is losing her voice.  The doctor offered, and Kathy has accepted, a new chemo that can start next week, but no cure was offered. Today was a shocker of a disappointment, we had prayed, all of us, and truly believed we would see good results. Kathy and I have not given up asking God for a miracle. There's still a lot of fight in Kathy, and she's going to continue for us and our children, pushed and carried along by the Lord's love delivered from all of you. She said she's not giving up, going to fight with everything in her, and knows it won't be easy. But she's determined to enjoy life every day to the fullest, and appreciates the blessings we have. In the meanwhile, we will look for a new sign from the Lord.

      Thank you all for your love, for your continued prayers, and for caring about my beautiful and amazing wife of nearly 30 years. Those of you who know us well realize what a fabulous marriage we have, and how proud we are to have raised and set on their way our two wonderful children, Matthew and Kirsten, who now have their own lives and loves. We both believe in the Lord Jesus Christ as our Savior, and while our hearts are heavy, we have turned to God to deliver the Holy Spirit for Kathy, to give her strength, peace, and comfort. Psalm 119 verse 28 conveys today's sentiment, "My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your Word". 

      With love and peace, in the name of the Lord,

      Kathy and Michael
      Kirsten, and Matthew with his wife Megan
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