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  • Julia Shields
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      Julia can you forward to group

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      prayers needed

      Please pray for the repose of the soul of Roe Roth.  She died this morning about 7 A.M.  Matt and I were able to see her one last time yesterday.  Even though her eyes were closed and she didn't speak to us, I feel that she was very aware that we were there visiting and speaking with her.  I could hear that she was trying to respond when I spoke to her.  We passed a priest in the hospital who was going to give Roe last rites.

      My sister Terrie, who had been living with Roe, does not have another place to go live yet.  Please pray that God will provide a solution to her housing and emotional needs at this point in time as she deals with the loss of Roe, who was like a mother to her.

      Please pray for my mom, who is still on her a-fib medicine at the hospital.  They are thinking about putting in a shunt for her heart.


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