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Fw: My call to your home earlier, regarding Catholic and other school books, Seton, etc.

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  • Julia Shields
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      Subject: My call to your home earlier, regarding Catholic and other school books, Seton, etc.
      Sent: Thu, Oct 11, 2012 5:15:44 PM

      Att:  Mrs. Julia Shields, NJ

      Hello Julia,

      Thank you for taking my phone call today, I called the other number on the St Gabriel Catholic H.S. Group website, and the young lady who answered the phone gave me your phone number, as I explained to her we would like to sell Seton and other books.

      Julia, I have a variety of "secular" textbooks I am looking at on the floor in our office.  The other books, the Seton curriculum books, and others, are in bins.  I am going to be opening the bins in the next few days.  I will be keeping certain things (I treasure the Catholic home school days you can not imagine).  Our two sons, Stephen and John Joseph, are now in college.  We miss them so.

      We are in the process of getting our house ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas, even our garage. 

      I will email you again with the Catholic homeschool books.

      In the meantime, here are some books that may be of interest, again, to be sold at discounted prices:

      A)  SAT Books/materials
      We have: 
      1) 100 Math Tips for the SAT (and how to master them), 2005 edition;
      2) Barron's The Leader in Test Preparation, SAT, 2009 edition (includes diagnostic test and 5 full-length practice tests, coprehensive subject reviews; advice on preparing/writing the required SAT essay; valueable test-taking strategies fore each part of SAT test);
      3) Kaplan-Test Prep and Admissions SAT Purple Book of Practice SAT's.
      4) Kaplan-Test Prep and Admissions SAT Lesson Book, 2009 Edition.
      5) Kaplan-Test Prep and Admissions SAT Raise Your Score (Even More) Handbook.
      6) Kaplan-Test Prep and Admissions SAT Flashcards (unopened, sealed in plastic wrap).

      B)  Spanish
      1)  Realidades Prentice Hall: One textbook (interactive with internet/computer, with companion web site and downloadable files) + one workbook.

      2)  Destinos Second Edition of the Alternate Edition, McGraw Hill: One textbook + 2 Workbook/Study Guide I.

      C)  Math
      1)  SAXON Math 65, An Incremental Development, Second Edition.
      2)  SAXON Math 76, An Incremental Development, Third Edition.
      3)  Tenth Edition Beginning Algebra, Pearson/Addison Wesley.
      4)  For All Practical Purposes, Introduction to Contemporary Mathematics, Fourth Edition, W.H. Freeman And Company, New York

      D)  Biology
      1) HOLT Biology 2 Textbooks, 2nd Edition, Interactive Online Edition, National Science Teachers Association, With Standardized Test Preparation.
      2) HOLT Biology Study Guide, Includes Vocabulary Review Worksheets and Test Prep Pretest Worksheets.

      E)  History
      1)  A History of the United States, Boorstin Kelley, Pearson/Prentice Hall.

      Okay, if anyone needs further descriptions, please let me know.  Please post that I am open to the price, they can decide or I can give price.  Our email is sgfilippo@....

      The above textbooks were purchased by us for our sons, at the end of their homeschool days, but while they were Catholic homeschoolers.  Here in Connecticut, there is a college, Naugatuck Valley Community College, that is receptive to homeschoolers, and allows students to take the college courses (students of certain, minimum age) and gain high school, plus, college credits.  Other textbooks were purchased by us for them, when we tried a Catholic High School, Immaculate H.S., in Danbury, CT.

      All the books are in "like new" condition or better.

      Our point:  The books listed above are not Catholic, but, as parents, we did purchase each year, the entire Seton Home School Study Curriculum and all the accompanying textbooks/materials/workbooks, and, we added to that during certain years!

      I will get back to you with list of the Catholic books!

      Most Gratefully,

      Gloria Mary and Stephen Filippo
      Southbury, CT
      203-264-9577 home


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