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275Saint of the year for you

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  • Mary Seat of Wisdom
    Jan 13, 2014
      Great idea!   I got just who I needed. St Louis IX!   Have a blessed week!
      Jesus is Love,
      Tracy :)

      Maria Kurmlavage <mkurmlavage@...> wrote:

      I got JUST who I needed and he is already working for me! St. Eugene de Mazenod! 

      Let me know who you get!!!

      Please forward this and pray to your saint!

      Maria xo

      Let me know who you get.
      Subject: Saint of the year for you

      This is a fun way in which a saint "picks you" for the next year for you to learn about and pray to. Who says prayer can't be fun. Let me know who chooses you!

      Go to the following site and click on the "Saint's Name Generator". You will be sent to page in which you click on "Find a saint for me" and then "Show me my saint". 
      -- http://www.conversiondiary.com/2013/12/your-patron-saint-for-2014.html