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  • Jane Lachs
    Good Morning, This is the genealogy report of my STERNs. Well, they are not mine but my husband s :-) All this information is from my husband s aunt. (Berta
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 26, 1999
      Good Morning,
      This is the genealogy report of my STERNs.
      Well, they are not mine but my husband's :-)
      All this information is from my husband's aunt.
      (Berta LACHS)

      Regards Jane Lachs in Munich

      1. Jakob1 Stern. He married Feiga.

      Children of Jakob Stern and Feiga are:
      + 2 i. Klara2 Stern, born Abt. 1880.?
      + 3 ii. Leah Stern, born Abt. 1883. ?
      + 4 iii. Abraham Stern, born Abt. 1885. ?
      + 5 iv. Wally Stern, born Abt. 1886. ?
      + 6 v. Bronia Stern, born 1 January 1900 in Berezhany; died 1943 in

      Generation No. 2

      2. Klara2 Stern (Jakob1) was born Abt. 1880. She married Fischel Grob ?.

      More About Fischel Grob:
      Fact 1: Kaufmann

      Child of Klara Stern and Fischel Grob is:
      7 i. Sala3 Grob, born 1910; died Bet. 1939 - 1945 in Holocaust. She
      married Lasar ?.

      3. Leah2 Stern (Jakob1) was born Abt. 1883. She married ? Eisenberger.

      More About Leah Stern:
      Lived: In Vienna, Austria ?

      More About ? Eisenberger:
      Fact 1: He was in Immobilien
      Fact 2: Lived in Wien

      Children of Leah Stern and ? Eisenberger are:
      8 i. Antonia3 Eisenberger, born 1916 in Wien; died 1991 in Tel
      Aviv,Israel. She married Leopold Ickelheimer.

      More About Antonia Eisenberger:
      Fact 1: Before war to England

      More About Leopold Ickelheimer:
      Fact 1: Israel

      9 ii. Berta Eisenberger, born 1920 in Wien; died 1988 in Tel Aviv,Israel.
      She married Mosche Meisels in Israel.

      10 iii. Stella Eisenberger, born in Holocaust.

      4. Abraham2 Stern (Jakob1) was born Abt. 1885. He married Esther ?.

      More About Abraham Stern:
      Fact 1: Kaufmann

      Child of Abraham Stern and Esther ? is:
      11 i. Malvinka3 Stern, born Abt. 1930; died Bet. 1939 - 1944 in Holocaust.

      5. Wally2 Stern (Jakob1) was born Abt. 1886. He married ?.

      More About Wally Stern:
      Fact 1: Pilsen CSSR

      Children of Wally Stern and ? are:
      12 i. Jiri3 Stern, died in Holocaust.
      13 ii. ? Stern, died in holocaust.

      6. Bronia2 Stern (Jakob1) was born 1 January 1900 in Berezhany, and died
      1943 in Berezhany. She married Mosche Lachs, son of Jankel Lachs and Hanna

      Notes for Bronia Stern:
      Died in the Holocaust

      > At the bottom of p. 396 in the Berezhany Yizkor book, there is a listing
      > for Lachs, Moshe married to Bronia (nee Stern) and their daughter, Anna
      > amongst those who perished in the Holocaust.

      More About Mosche Lachs:
      Fact 1: Kaufmann

      Children of Bronia Stern and Mosche Lachs are:
      14 i. Anna3 Lachs, born November 1922; died 1943 in Holocaust.

      More About Anna Lachs:
      Fact 1: Abitur in Berezhany

      15 ii. Berta Lachs, born 1 January 1924 in Berezhany.
      She married Amschel Silberfeld 1947 in
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