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    I would like to chime in and add something to David Stern s comment about Suesskind Stern, and Dietz s Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden . The information
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 1999
      I would like to chime in and add something to David Stern's comment about
      Suesskind Stern, and Dietz's "Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden". The
      information about the generations prior to Suesskind Stern is not very
      accurate. I have gone to the Leo Baeck Institute in NYC and traced the
      ancestrty of Suesskind back to 1349 where 2 generations of the family
      perished on the same day.

      Dietz has geneations going from Samuel Haas ----->Beer Haas (?----1628,
      married 1590) ---->Samuel Bing ( ? - 1657, married 1619) -----> Joseph
      Jacob Bing (? - 1643) -----> Suesskind Stern (1610 - 1686). If Dietz is to
      be believed, then Suesskind was born 9 years before his grandfather was

      When it comes to Dietz, "trust with verification"

      I believe that Suesskind's pedigree has been put on JGFF.

      Tom Krakauer

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      >lentess@... writes:
      >> This is very interesting. My great-great-great-grandmother was Jettchen
      >> Stern, born in Stadt Lengsfeld in 1755, married Meier Loebenstein, and
      >> went to live in Datterode or Sontra. I have been unable to find out
      >> anything
      >> more about her. This is frustrating in the extreme, because one of her
      >> sons was named Suesskind, which suggests a descent from Suesskind
      >> Stern of Soest, whose family tree has been traced to the 1300s.
      >In the absence of additional information, this could equally well suggest
      >descent from S"uesskind (Schneur) "zum Stern" in the ghetto at Frankfurt/M.
      >His sons transferred the sign of their father's dwelling to their surname
      >STERN. Alexander Dietz, in his "Stammbuch der Frankfurter Juden", traces the
      >family back to 1530 on p. 296.
      >I have seen English translation at Leo Baeck Inst in NY, and am sure many
      >other libries hold copies of the Ger. orig. or the Engl. transl.
      >My STERN was a name adopted in 1808 in Rheydt, near D"usseldorf. All male-
      >line descendants of the original Heinrich STERN are known, unless he had [an]
      >other son[s] that ha[s][ve] not yet cropped up.
      >Hope this gives you fodder for further research.
      >-=David Stern=- in Mill Valley CA
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      Thomas Krakauer e-mail tkrakauer@...
      Researching: GOTTSCHALK from N. Germany (Hannover); MOLLING from anywhere
      (Hannover); KRAKAUER from Posen, Breslau, Berlin, Landau am Pfalz; STERN
      from Soest, ROTHSCHILD from Stadtoldendorf; MAYER and HEUMANN from
      Billigheim and Hoffenheim.
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