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finding Rabbis

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    In a message dated 12 30 2003 12:46:35 AM, RallisW@aol.com writes:
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      In a message dated 12 30 2003 12:46:35 AM, RallisW@... writes:

      Dear Mr. Botwinick,
      Have you tried Neil steins book the unbroken chain?
      I have never heard of this book. I will look into it.

      Thank you very much.

      R. Wiesenthal


      There are hundreds of books and articles on Rabbi's [genealogy].
      For a fairly good treatment on finding Rabbi's [info] see www.jewishgen.org
      There is also a [finding] Rabbbbinic mailing list and site at above url.

      Milton E. Botwinick [professional genealogist] botwinick@...
      botwinick@... MEBotwinick@...
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