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How two genealogists helped themselves in helping me with my STERN/STARR family ...

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    Here s a story to warm the cockles of the heart. I posted on a couple of Ohio mailing lists to try and enlist assistance with my STERN/STARR family in
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      Here's a story to warm the cockles of the heart.
      I posted on a couple of Ohio mailing lists to try and enlist
      assistance with my STERN/STARR family in Portsmouth, Scioto County,
      originally from Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse in Hesse-Darmstadt,

      Three people stepped forward separately - a lady in
      Cincinnati, a retired schoolteacher who no longer lives
      in Portsmouth and a gentleman from Portsmouth who have
      all been more than generous in assisting me in very different
      ways in making very exciting discoveries and of course I had
      said thank you several times, thinking how inadequate it was.

      I happened to mention the surname of the Portsmouth
      resident to the retired schoolteacher and received an
      e-mail from that lady cautiously asking about the
      surname, since her uncle, who married into her family
      had the same surname and she knew only a couple of families
      in Portsmouth who carried the name.

      I copied the e-mail to my other helper and received a
      thrilled e-mail back. Her uncle was his first cousin!
      They both had lived in Portsmouth and never knew one another.

      If I was a moralist, no doubt I could draw an obvious
      conclusion from this. Whatever, this has given my
      genealogy a real feel-good factor boost!

      And now the new information. A list of my family follows on afterwards:

      The Portsmouth Times, Saturday, December 4, 1880
      (My great grandfather's eldest brother, Moses STARR, born STERN)

      The remains of Moses Starr, nephew of Mrs. L. Levi, [Hannah
      or Hindle STERN] residing on Fourth Street, were brought to
      this city last Wednesday evening. He died suddenly at his
      home in Carthage, Tennessee, last Sunday morning. He has a
      sister, Miss Eva Starr [also born STERN in Heppenheim], residing
      with her aunt Mrs. Levi.

      He had frequently visited Portsmouth and had many friends
      in Jewish circles. Mr. Starr was 27 and had been Deputy
      Clerk of Smith County, where he resided, for the past
      eight years. He was an estimable young man, popular
      among his acquaintances, and his untimely death occasions
      deep regret. The funeral took place last Thursday from the
      residence of his aunt on Fourth Street.
      (From same issue of same paper)

      * * * * * * * * * * * * *
      Gravestone Inscriptions from Greenlawn Cemetery,
      Portsmouth, Ohio, 1985.
      (Note: Caryn Shoemaker did the Hebrew portion of the cemetery in
      1983) Burial records from 1872 to the present are available
      at the main cemetery office on Offnere Street. Records prior
      to 1872 were lost in a fire.

      p.66 Hannah Levi, b. 7 April 1825; d. 27 September 1891
      Nannie, daughter of L & H (Louis and Hannah LEVI);
      b. 19 December 1865; d. 26 January 1888

      p.67 Levi, L[ouis]. b. Neiderseebach, Alsace,
      1 July 1819; d. 9 July 1870
      Stern, Abraham b. 5 July 1853 Heppenhein
      Germany d. 22 June 1875
      Levi, Louisa, daughter of L & H; b. 17 July 1870,
      d. 16 November 1871, age 1year, 4 months

      p. 68 Stern, Hannah (no other information given)
      Starr, Moses 1852-1880 - something curious here
      because his German date of birth is 1850, but everything
      else fits - his aunt being Mrs L LEVI and his half
      sister Eva STARR.
      (A footnote to page 68 says that the section in the center
      of the Hebrew section appears to be mostly children.
      There are about 10-12 stones that say only Infant, no
      last name or other information.)

      OHIO regarding the Hebrew Congregation there (pages 531-32):

      "The Hebrew Congregation"

      The Hebrew congregation of Portsmouth, known by its Hebrew
      name, "K'bal Kodesh Bene Abraham" (K. I. B. A.) or its English equivalent
      "The Holy Congregation of the Children of Abraham," was founded
      presumably in the early part of the fifties (l850's). As the records bearing
      on this are no longer extant, it is impossible to ascertin the exact date.
      But as the Congregation was incorporated in l858, it may safely be
      conjectured that a religious body of Jews must have been in existence
      a few years prior to the incorporation. The tide of the Jewish
      immigration from Germany to the United States became very strong
      during and immediately after the memorable year, 1848, the year
      of European Revolutions and very many of those Jewish settlers
      went westward, making the large cities like Cincinnati and
      Chicago, their principal places of residence, but settling also in smaller
      cities, like Dayton, Zanesville, and Portsmouth.

      The Jewish cemetery must have been purchased simultaneously with the
      organization of the Congregation, although the exact date of that purchase
      is not known. In this, the history of the Portsmouth Jewish community,
      simply resembles that of most of the Jewish Congregations of the land, when
      the purchase of a cemetery was the first sign of life on the part of the
      Congregation and the first mark of its activity. It is only after their
      cemetery was secured that the Jews attended to their other spiritual wants,
      and notably those of erecting a synagogue and securing the services of a

      The incorporation of the Congregation took place November l, l858. The
      Board of Trustees at that time consisted of Louis Levi, Mayer Eichelstein,
      Ludwig Stern, Isaac Freiberg, Jacob Stern, Mayer Seeberger, and Bernard
      Dreyfoos. Up to l864, the Jewish citizens worshipped either in a private
      residence of one of its members, or in a hall rented for the purpose. In
      l864, Thomas Dugan offered to sell his property on the corner of Washington
      and Third streets. After due deliberation the Congregation decided to buy
      the building in partnership with the Masons; the Congregation to have the
      first and second floors, the Masons the third floor.

      For this,, the Congregation paid Dugan the sum of two thousand dollars.
      The tide of church reform which has swept away so many of the old Jewish
      religious customs during the latter half of the l9th Century, did not leave
      intact those of the Portsmouth community. From a strictly Orthodox
      Congregation at the beginning, it gradually became more and more a rollover
      of the reforms instituted and promulgated by the great reform leaders, Drs.
      Einborn of Baltimore, and Wise of Cincinnati. Yet, unlike most of the
      American Jewish congregations, this congregation submitted to the
      iconoclastic influence of the Jewish reform movement without the least
      perceptible reluctance or struggle, rewarding, as it did, all the changes
      and innovations as
      God-sent and conformable with the spirit of the age and environment.

      The first minister ever formally engaged by the Congregation was Rabbi
      Wechsler, who served from l863 to l864. Following is the list of Rabbis,
      who have served the congregation ever since:--Rabbi Laser, l864-l866; Rabbi
      Gabricher, l866-l868; Rabbi Eppstein, l868-l870; Rabbi Weil, l870-l871;
      Rabbi Gerstman, l871-l873; Rabbi Kaufman, l873-l876; Rabbi Lasker,
      l876-l877; Rabbi Stempel, l877-l879; Rabbi Eichelstein, l879-l886; Rabbi
      Pollak, l886-l887; Rabbi Block, l887-l888; Rabbi Schapiro, l888-l90l. The
      present incumbent of the Temple is Rabbi Max Raisin, an alumnus of the
      Hebrew Union College and the University of Cincinnati. The Jewish citizens
      of Portsmouth have always done their utmost to live in peace and concord
      with their Christian fellow-citizens and have never refused their
      contributions toward other Congregations, when called upon. Their
      Christian friends always reciprocate these feelings of friendship. On the
      occasion of the dedication of the Jewish Temple, September, l864, the choir
      of the Presbyterian Church very generously assisted at the services; and to
      this day most of the members of the choir at the Temple are also members of
      the choir of the Bigelow M. E. Church.

      The present officers of the Congregation are: President, I. Levi; Vice
      President, M. Lehman; Secretary, F. Haas; Treasurer, B. Schloss. Other
      bodies within the Congregation are: The Ladies Temple Aid Society and the
      Jewish Kaffee Klatsch for the mutual social intercourse between the members
      of the Congregation.


      Of course I'm now wondering about Ludwig and Jacob STERN, STERNs
      I have previously never encountered. There are two missing STERN
      male lines, Salomon STERN and his younger brother Mendel STERN.

      Here is the family list.

      I am looking for descendants of Gottfried STERN (1784-1838
      Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse, Hesse-Darmstadt, Germany) and
      Nannchen HOCHSCHILD (1787 Gross Rohrheim, Hesse-1857 Heppenheim)
      had seven children:

      1) Salomon STERN (1810-1880 Heppenheim) married Jette or Henriette
      Kreis Gross Gerau, Hesse-1886 Heppenheim). No children of this marriage
      are known.

      2) Feist STERN (1812-1889 Heppenheim) married:

      i) Jette WEIS (1812 or 15 Mainz Hechtsheim-1849 Heppenheim)
      Eva STERN (born March 7 1845 Heppenheim-?)
      Jette STERN (born June 17 1849 Heppenheim-?)

      ii) Jeanette MAIERFELD or MAYERFELD or MEYERFELD (born 1823 Biebesheim,
      Hesse died 1878 Heppenheim).
      Moses STERN (?STARR) (born 31 October 1850 Heppenheim-?1880?
      Scioto, County, Portsmouth, Ohio). Emigrated 1867 from Hesse.
      Abraham STERN (born July 5 1853 Heppenheim-1875 Portsmouth, Ohio)
      Mina STERN (born July 11 1855 Heppenheim-1930 Massenheim, now
      Hochheim am Main, Hesse, Germany) married Moses SCHWARZSCHILD
      Massenheim-1921 Massenheim)
      Gustav (1883 Massenheim-1942)
      Siegfried (?Massenheim-?)
      Julius (?Massenheim-?)
      Frieda (?Massenheim-?)
      Malchen STERN (born June 7 1857 Heppenheim-?)
      Anna STERN (born April 18 1859 Heppenheim-?)
      Rosa STERN (born November 29 1860 -April 16 1936 Heppenheim)
      married Joseph FRANK (1866 Bad Koenig in Odenwald-1933 Heppenheim)
      Friedrich (1891 Heppenheim-1915 1st World War)
      David (1894 Heppenheim-1916 1st World War)
      Selma (1896 Heppenheim-1942) married Leo HIRSCH
      (1887 Heppenheim-1942)
      Leopold STERN (November 2 1863 Heppenheim-July 1901 North
      3) Mendel STERN (March 27 1815 Heppenheim-?)

      4) Heimann STERN (later Henry STARR) 1817 Heppenheim-1900 Zanesville,
      Muskingum County) married Yetta ROSENFELD (1815 Schriesheim,
      Baden Wuerttemberg, Germany-1879 Louisville, Jefferson County, Kentucky)
      Joseph G STARR (1845 Louisville-1892 Birmingham, Alabama)
      Sarah (1848 Louisville-1927 Zanesville, Muskingum County, Ohio)
      Frederick (known as Harry) (1850 Louisville-1911 St Louis, Missouri)
      Rosa Leonora (1853 Portsmouth-1910 Chicago Illinois)
      Abram Emannuel (known as AE) (1855 Portsmouth-1917 Zanesville)
      Isaac E (1857 Portsmouth-1900 Cincinnatti, Ohio)
      Line traced (lived in Louisville and Portsmouth and then Zanesville, Ohio).

      4) Mameth STERN (January 25 1820 Heppenheim-?)

      5) Guthal STERN (April 22 1823 Heppenheim-?)

      6) Hindle or Hannah STERN (April 7 1825 Heppenheim-1891) married butcher
      Louis LEVI (1819 Niederseebach, Alsace, France-1870 Portsmouth).


      Charles (circa 1851 Kentucky (Louisville?) -?) Liquor store retailer
      Isaac (Ike) (1858 Ohio (Portsmouth?) - 1920 Portsmouth) Travelling
      Salesman for L EISMAN & Bro married Carrie Davis (1866-1955)
      Samuel (1861 Ohio (Portsmouth?)-1937 Portsmouth) Shoe factory worker,
      then furniture shop with Louis LEVI in Portsmouth.
      Bertha (circa 1864 Ohio (Portsmouth?)-?) (may have been nicknamed Betty)
      Nannie (19 Dec1865 Ohio (Portsmouth?)-16 January 1888) aka Nellie in
      1880 census. age 14 was living at Columbus Asylum
      Louisa (17 July 1870-16 November 1871, age 1 year 4 months)
      Emanuel (Mannie) (circa 1869 Ohio (Portsmouth?)-1951 Zanesville, Ohio)
      married Beulah. Ran a store with his cousin Abram E STARR in Zanesville.
      Clyde dates unknown but former mayor of Ashland, Kentucky.

      According to the 1880 Scioto County census , a niece aged 26
      Eva F STIR was living in the house. She would therefore have
      been born around 1854). The name STIR may be a misspelling
      for STERN or STARR. The age is completely wrong for Moses's
      half sister Eva who was born in 1845.

      Alice Josephs
      United Kingdom

      My own website at
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