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Re: [Stern] Stern Scioto County Ohio

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    In a message dated 17/5/00 4:53:05 pm, hjh4blh@aol.com writes:
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      <<Alice My wife's family lived in the Portsmouth area from 1850 to 1900.
      then moved to Cincinnati Ohio. Rebecca STERN born 1847 in Europe married
      Benjiman MAYER b 1846 Europe. I think the family came from Germany but have
      no proof. Rebecca's father was Mire b 1802 and brother Isaac b 1852. Both
      lived in Cincinnati Ohio. I do not have a Stern name in Portsmouth but have
      LEVISTEIN, MEYER, HEIDINGSFELD and BORNHEIM. The Columbus Ohio genealogical
      society has a cemetery project that is now cataloging tombstones in the
      Portsmouth area. I do not know if it is complete but will be soon. This may
      help you. Let me know if we can share any information. Regards Jim Horvitz
      Rancho Mirage CA. hjh4blh@...

      Dear Jim

      I think we have corresponded before. None of the names ring a bell. On the
      other hand, a history of the STERN/STARR family I have does talk of family
      already in the USA when Heimann STERN, later Henry STARR, arrived circa 1835.
      So anything is possible.

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