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406RE: [STERN] List of Sterns -- Hintersteinau/Flieden

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  • Anthony Stern
    Oct 29, 2008
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      Hillary, Looks like you've done some good research but I regret that the branch doesn't ring any bells with my Sterns.

      Good luck in your research.

      Regards, Tony Stern

      To: sternsurname@yahoogroups.comFrom: hillaryre@...: Wed, 29 Oct 2008 19:14:22 -0400Subject: [STERN] List of Sterns -- Hintersteinau/Flieden

      Hi everyone,I've managed to put together a much more complete picture of the Sternbranch of my family than the last time I posted to this group, so Ifigured I'd share it and see if anyone recognizes anything. I'mleaving out most living generations for privacy.The furthest back I can go is a set of three STERN brothers: Samuel,Asher, and Loeb. I'm pretty sure they were born in Hintersteinau,Germany. I'm not sure of their parents' names, but judging by thenames that tended to show up in later generations, they may have beenHerman and Regine.Samuel STERN, born August 12, 1849, in Hintersteinau. Came to the USin 1867. Married Rosa RAAB (born Maryland) in 1871. They moved toWisconsin and then Chicago. Sam owned the Continental Clothing store,which had branches in Chicago, Oshkosh, Milwaukee, and Appleton,Wisconsin. Sam died in July 1922. Their children:1. Bertha STERN, 1874 - 1942. Married Nathan J. Ullman, who became apartner in Continental Clothing. Their daughters were Mildred (b.1896) and Helen (b. 1903).2. Milton STERN, born 1877. I don't have any other information about him.3. Edna STERN, 1884 - 1987. Married Murray Wolbach, who was in thereal estate business in Chicago. Their children were Alice (1907 -1998), Beatrice (b. 1909), and Murray Jr. (1912 - 1988).Asher STERN, probably born in Hintersteinau. He married Rosa Stern.They lived in Flieden and had four children:1. Marcus STERN. He survived a concentration camp and then died on aship to America.2. Regina STERN, 1879 - 1980. She married Siegmund KULP, who owned arestaurant in Aschaffenburg. They had two daughters, Jenny (1906 -1975, married Hans NETZER, came to NY in 1937) and Erna (1909 - 2001,came to NY in 1938, married Hans EINZIGER). Regina and Siegmund cameto NY in 1938.3. Herman STERN, possibly born 1884. Married KATZMANN. Lived inFlieden. Had two children, Arthur and Ella, both born around 1921,who came to NY in 1937 and 1938.4. Adelheid STERN, born about 1888 in Flieden. Married GedeonKATZMANN from Geroda (the brother of Herman's wife). They had threechildren: Rita, Alex, and Paul. The whole family came to NY between1938 and 1940.Loeb STERN, born in Hintersteinau. Married Malchen HERZBERGER inHintersteinau in 1874. They later moved to Flieden, where they liveduntil at least 1924. Their children:1. Herman STERN. I don't have much information on him.2. Regina (Recha) STERN, 1875 - 1920. She came to the US in 1897.She married Carl LAEMMLE, who was working for her uncle Sam at thetime and later was one of the founders of Universal Studios. ChildrenRosabelle and Carl Julius.3. Anna STERN, 1877 - 1945. Came to the US with Recha in 1897.Married Maurice Fleckles and moved to California.4. Julius STERN, born 1886. Came to the US in 1905. Was a movieproducer until about 1929. Not sure if he ever married or hadchildren.5. Abraham STERN, 1888 - 1951. Came to the US in 1911. MarriedJessie sometime before 1920. Married Hortense WESTHEIMER in 1923.Was a movie producer with his brother Julius.This look familiar to anybody?Thanks,Hillary Einziger

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