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  • Hillary57
    Feb 6 10:26 PM
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      I just joined this group, and wanted to introduce myself. I searched the past archives and
      realized that one of my messages from gersig a few years ago had been reposted here,
      but I've found some more information since then.

      The earliest STERN ancester I know of is Etta STERN. According to my grandmother, that
      was her maiden name and her married name. Etta's daughter, Rosa STERN, was born in
      Bruckenau. Rosa married Asher STERN, who was born in Flieden. They had four children:
      Herman STERN; Regina STERN, born 1879 in Flieden, who married Siegmund KULP from
      Romsthal (they were my great-grandparents); Adelheid STERN, born about 1888 in
      Flieden, who married Gedeon KATZMANN, who was from either Schondra or Bruckenau;
      and Marcus STERN.

      Herman STERN had two children, Arthur and Ella.

      Regina STERN and Siegmund KULP had two daughters, Jenny and Erna, both born in

      Adelheid STERN and Gedeon KATZMANN had three children: Rita KATZMANN, born around
      1921 in Flieden; Alex KATZMANN, born around 1924 in Wurtzburg; and Paul KATZMANN,
      born around 1925 in Frankfurt.

      Herman's son Arthur told me that Marcus was in a concentration camp, then was
      liberated, and died of pneumonia on the ship on the way to America.

      Also, like many of you, I've been told that we are somehow related to Carl Laemmle. I
      know that he's listed as the sponsor on several of my ancestor's immigration records, and
      I've seen a few cards from the Laemmle family in my grandmother's scrapbooks.

      Does this fit in with anybody else's information?

      Hillary Einziger