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  • tkrakauer@mindspring.com
    Mar 6, 1999

      My Sterns are from Soest, and ultimately to FaM. The founder of "my" line
      was Suesskind Stern in the 1600s. Her adopted the name from the name of his
      house. A number of 18th century Herz s

      BTW: I would hope that once the querry was posted on the list that the
      conversations could then be directed to the poster rather than to the list.

      At 12:19 PM 3/6/99 -0500, you wrote:
      >From: AliceJose@...
      >Flieden is above Frankfurt am Main, while Heppenheim an der Bergstrasse is
      >below - nearer Mannheim. Heppenheim is between Bensheim and Weinheim if you
      >look at a map of Germany.
      >Even though they are a few miles apart, I wouldn't rule out a connection. Have
      >you any Herz family in your tree.
      >Alice Josephs
      >Did you know that we have over 85,000 e-mail communities at Onelist?
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      Thomas Krakauer e-mail tkrakauer@...
      Researching: GOTTSCHALK from N. Germany (Hannover); MOLLING from anywhere
      (Hannover); KRAKAUER from Posen, Breslau, Berlin, Landau am Pfalz; STERN
      from Soest, ROTHSCHILD from Stadtoldendorf; MAYER and HEUMANN from
      Billigheim and Hoffenheim.
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