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313Stern's from Zloczow

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  • catlady61430
    Mar 13, 2004
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      My Great Great Grandmother Annie (Chana) STERN daughter of Natan
      Neta STERN came to the US in 1900. She was married to Abraham Chaim
      HAAS, sometimes spelled HASS, and they were Levi's. They were
      cousins to each other. They came from Zloczow, (Galicia, Austria,
      now the
      Their children where also born in Zloczow. They are Dina, Mollie
      (both married Jacob Jehuda Eisgrau, consequtively), Minnie (married
      Hyman Wolfson, and twins Morris (married Pesie/Pepie Abrams) and
      Celia (married Jacob Ortsman).
      Other names related to the family are PARNES, APRIL and
      KOHL/KALB, SCHWARTZ. I don't know the names of any specific
      persons. The mother of actor Joseph Schildkraut is also supposed to
      be related.
      I hope that someone might have a connection.

      Hinda Solomon