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194Julius STERN Stiftung

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  • botwinick@aol.com
    Oct 3, 2000
      Subject: Julius STERN Stiftung
      From: "Hanna K. Grossman" <hannakg@...>
      Date: Mon, 02 Oct 2000 21:38:13 -0400
      X-Message-Number: 7

      Some years ago a researcher dug up in Berlin a number of wills which
      appeared to be of my relatives. Some clearly were. One which may or
      may not have been creates the above mentioned foundation. It was
      established by the death of Julius STERN. The will is dated 1914. I do
      not know when he actually died.

      Its purpose was to assure that no relative of his went impecuious. In
      addition, the will established a separate Julius and Malgonia STERN
      Stiftung to fund the education and support of budding artists.

      It appears that each foundation was to be set up with half a million
      mark. I think in 1914 that was real money. Whether it lasted to an
      beyond his death is of course a question.

      Has anybody heard of these foundations?

      Hanna K. Grossman, Cornwall Bridge, CT hannakg@...