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New ways to lose games

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  • Bolotomus
    I ve lost a whole bunch of games on Lug recently. I know, you re saying come on Goose, you ve done that a million times. True. But these are brand
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2000
      I've lost a whole bunch of games on Lug
      recently.<br>I know, you're saying "come on Goose, you've
      done<br>that a million times." True. But these are<br>brand
      new novel ways to lose games. In all the<br>time I've
      played SC, I've never lost games before<br>in any of
      these ways, until just
      recently.<br><br>Listen:<br><br>(1) Here comes Phant's big fleet! It's
      coming<br>right for my homeworld! No problem. I've
      been<br>waiting for BR4 and now I've got it. All I have<br>to do
      is overbuild behind my HW and then I've got<br>him
      licked. But first, let me go to the diplomacy<br>page and
      check out his mil. OOOOOPS!!!! I <br>MISSED THE
      TURN'<br>INSTEAD!!!!<br><br>,,,,,,,,,,,,,, of Phantasmorgias was sighted in
      Gooseberry<br><br>:-P<br><br>(2) Damascus's big fleet is in my HW but like<br>the
      lucky S.O.B. that I am, I killed the sweeper.<br>Now
      it's simply a matter of going to the tech<br>menu,
      picking minefield, and watching his fleet<br>go
      KABOOMSKY. Click, tap, click... OH NOOOO!<br>I PICKED
      TECHS!!!!!!<br><br>:-P<br><br><br>(3) Now here's a game I can't lose.
      Playing<br>against y.a.k. and I've got every going for me.<br>He's
      not even BR3 yet and I'm almost BR4. I got<br>more
      econ and I'm about to get even bigger.<br>Best of all,
      once I complete this mini-poptrick<br>I will have a
      builder right in front of his HW.<br>There's a science
      ship about to explore my HW<br>but I'll be building
      there when it arrives. Tap<br>tap tap... click click...
      END TURN... OOOOPS!<br>I forgot to reset my
      populations!!!!<br><br> of y.a.k. was sighted in
      Gooseberry<br><br>:-P<br><br><br>HONK HONK<br>I suck<br>Gooseberry
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