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Rhyme for Ralof

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  • LifeIncarnate
    Rhyme for Ralof One penned by me after a particular loss: (It was December 29th, late night, 2004...) T was the night before Monday, and all through the house,
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      Rhyme for Ralof
      One penned by me after a particular loss:

      (It was December 29th, late night, 2004...)

      T'was the night before Monday, and all through the house,
      Not a creature was stirring, 'cept my wireless mouse.
      A blitz i had started, at the screen i did stare,
      In hopes that a few players would soon show up there.

      But Lugdunum was snuggled so warm in his bed,
      And visions of grandeur filled The Voy's dreaming head.
      Madam T in her 'kerchief, Brave Brigade in his cap,
      Had just settled in for a long winter's nap.

      T'was not the server Ah runs, nor the one Alexia owns,
      And Phred was phatiqued, was i online alone?
      Kia was off on a mission for God,
      He's dead Jim was touring through the great Land of Nod.

      Ares was snoring, BackStabber in the sack,
      And Vodzca-Toonak was just passed out in the back.
      And i was about to give up on the game,
      But the first one arrived, and the rest quickly came.

      The late-night blitzers are clever, and one rarely knows,
      Just WHO you are playing, you just guess, i suppose.
      But there is a group that blitz late in the day,
      And i'm thinking The Sizm, Wretch and Bird of Prey.

      But in a blood blitz, they don't show their real names,
      It's a pretty smart play, no one will know what your game is.
      Am i brave or just dumb, i ask on this date,
      To always play, (Insert name here)Incarnate?

      But now the blood starts, on turn one i decide,
      To build not a ship, let the tech development ride.
      On turn two, i built scis, just so i can see,
      Just what good my gamble has done for me.

      i send out my scis, and they both go CABOOM
      Destroyed in an instant, now a feeling of doom,
      Starts to descend upon me, i mutter a curse
      An opponent is upon me. (Ironic, it's mirth)

      Now, there are five in the game, but we are locked in our duel.
      Neither mirth or i have econ, and it all seems so cruel.
      The others are occupied in a battle away,
      And here mirth and i struggle, while the time ticks away.

      i finally gain a small advantage in tech,
      And pounce on poor mirth, (his econ's still wrecked).
      But the others are falling, and i am surprised,
      By the emp in the middle, he's three times my size.

      He's been hammered from two sides, but he jived and he juked,
      And Friggin' Newbie and Asteroid have now both been nuked.
      And now here he comes, right through mirth's old digs,
      He's five times my econ, his mil's twice as big!

      i know that i'm done for, just a matter of time,
      That's when he says, "I'll let you go for a rhyme."
      And then i know who he is, this SC juggernaut,
      i've learned quite a bit from the things he has taught.

      He takes a new empire up to Bridier 600, and then,
      Takes it back down, (on purpose), to 400 again.
      i tried a weak rhyme, but it wasn't very good,
      And told him i'd just take my lumps, (as i should).

      But now i'll deliver this rhyme i composed,
      With no strings attached, (hey, that's just how it goes).
      And i'll tell you all now, before i sign off,
      There no shame in being, nuked by Ralof.
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