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Lugdunum is Going to Move Soon

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  • Andrew
    Hey folks, I don t know whether anyone is still playing SC at jolly old Lugdunum, but just in case, here s a warning that I m going to move the server soon -
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 26, 2010
      Hey folks,

      I don't know whether anyone is still playing SC at jolly old Lugdunum, but just in case, here's a warning that I'm going to move the server soon - maybe as soon as this Sunday, Nov 28th.

      I just posted a News item about it on the Login page:

      "November 26th 2010 - Lugdunum is soon to move to another server, cheaper than this one, just as reliable, and, I hope, not significantly slower. When the move happens, Lugdunum will be offline for a short while, perhaps as much as two hours, possibly less, while the database is copied from the old server to the new and the domain name change propagates. I expect this to happen on Sunday, November 28th, probably sometime in the afternoon, EST. If at that time you have trouble accessing the game, check the Yahoo! SC Club, where I will post alternative links to try."

      The reason for the move is mainly that the server we have been using for I think almost eight years is still costing us the same as it did back then, but the market has moved on, and I now have a much cheaper deal elsewhere. The new server seems perfectly reliable to me, and at least as quick as the old one, but I can't be sure until it goes into production. So if after the move you find things are much slower, be sure to let me know. (If it's faster, don't tell me, just send Greg a donation).

      I've been away from SC for a few months, but I hope to be able to try out the new server with some of you in the near future. I'll be all rusty and even more easily beaten than usual, so happy nuking.

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