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  • LifeIncarnate
    You showed your sweetie some love during Valentine s Day, how about showing Lugdunum some? Help Lugdunum Survive! Andy Graves, Jan 5, 2004 (slightly edited by
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      You showed your sweetie some love during Valentine's Day, how about showing Lugdunum some?

      Help Lugdunum Survive!
      Andy Graves, Jan 5, 2004
      (slightly edited by Greg Nord, February 21, 2010)

      Would you like to help Lugdunum to continue providing Stellar Crisis services? As well as the famous Lugdunum Stellar Crisis Server, Lugdunum is home to The Stellar Crisis Room, and has been home to several dedicated servers for SC tournaments: Stellar Kings, the ISCL, the Yahoo! SC Club Tournament, the Triplets Tournament and the Kaws Invitational.

      If you would like to make a contribution, you can mail it to:

      Friends of Lugdunum
      1026 Dakota St.
      Wenatchee WA 98801

      or use our Friends of Lugdunum PayPal account.

      As the original Web-based strategy game, Stellar Crisis has a long tradition, spanning over eighteen years, of providing a gaming experience which is free to play. For eleven years, the Lugdunum server has been an important part of that tradition, and for more than nine has been the most popular server, for its wide variety of game types, its high quality of competition, and for its reliability and speed.

      These days, such reliability and speed do not come free. In the past, fast and reliable SC servers have been made possible by the generosity of academic or commercial institutions who allowed SC enthusiasts to use their resources. Lugdunum has never been so fortunate. Nor is it one of those SC servers which are behind a Cable Modem or DSL connection to the Internet, with the speed and reliability issues that arrangement entails. In fact, the Lugdunum server is housed in an enterprise-grade telecommunications center and leased for a monthly fee.

      For the last nine years or more, this ongoing cost has been borne by only a very few people - the Friends of Lugdunum. This is a small group of dedicated players who were invited to contribute, and who rose to the invitation with magnificent generosity. I do not know their names, but they know who they are and I am immensely grateful to them. Who has contributed, and how much, is known only to the group treasurer, Greg Nord (aka LifeIncarnate) who is also the Moderator of the Yahoo! Stellar Crisis Club.

      Now we hope to spread this burden a little more widely - and thinly - hence this appeal. If you enjoy any of the Stellar Crisis services Lugdunum offers, please consider making a donation. It doesn't have to be much - every little helps. All we ask is that if you use PayPal and intend to give a regular small amount, please consider a larger but less frequent donation, because PayPal's cut of small transactions is significant. That is to say, we would rather receive $12 per year than $1 per month!

      Maybe this is obvious, but I'll spell it out just in case.

      There are no in-game rewards for players who make monetary contributions to Friends of Lugdunum. I don't quietly make your ships stronger if you give me fifty bucks :)

      There are plenty of web-based games where it's free to play, but you can choose to buy a package of tips and tricks - and of course those tips and tricks give you a big playing advantage, so eventually the game is free to play and lose, but if you want to win you *have* to pay. IMO, that sucks. Lugdunum SC will never be like that.

      I know that the people who make contributions don't expect favors of any sort, and would not want to be given a game advantage in exchange for their money. There are other players, though, who are not so good-willed. I don't want any contributor to be exposed to accusations that they've achieved success in the game by buying it. For that reason, I think it's best that donations are made in private.

      Also, as I'm the person who would be able to implement favors for donors, to protect me from accusations I don't want to know who has made donations. That's why I'm not Treasurer - Greg is - and he's not Server Admin. He doesn't tell me the identities of contributors and I don't ask.

      (Now from me)



      i have long thought that FoL contributors should get *something* for their support, (other than Andy and i's heartfelt thanks and groveling). Long ago, i voiced the opinion that a music compellation could be created, (given the working title, "Music to Nuke LifeIncarnate By"). Well, i'm pleased to tell you that that project has been completed.


      This project has spawned OTHERS, and there will be a whole SERIES of music collections. (After all, what is "Music to Nuke LifeIncarnate By" without it's companion pieces, hmmmmm?) ;^)

      As soon as the first set of CDs were done, i sent them out to all the present and past FoL contributors i could contact. But there were many i couldn't contact, (old email addresses, etc). If anyone has contributed in the past, and is reading this now, just email me your street address, and i'll be happy to send you a CD.

      The future music mixes will be for... future contributors... (In fact, Big B sent me *his own* "Music to Nuke LifeIncarnate By" CD, and has agreed for me to copy and distrubute it to future contributors. His taste in music is more updated than mine, and i'm sure you will enjoy it.)

      Please contact me (life.incarnate@...) if you have any questions, such as about other methods of making a donation. Thank you!
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