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Re: is falcon down for the count or what

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  • doctordoomsc
    This previous posting may answer your question: On vacation alajar (24/M/WA, USA) 9/29/00 1:02 am Also posted to rec.games.misc: Starting
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 1, 2000
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      This previous posting may answer your
      question:<br> On vacation alajar<br>(24/M/WA, USA) 9/29/00 1:02
      am <br>Also posted to
      rec.games.misc:<br><br>Starting tomorrow morining, I'm going to be away from the
      internet for about two weeks. That includes administering
      Falcon as well. I'm going to set the server to back up
      once a day and that's that. Uptime is more than two
      weeks without incident for this particular build, so
      one can hope.
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