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Re: Chamber Conflict

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  • Lugdunum_SC
    Max, >Does anyone even play at Chamber Conflict...? >If so, have you observed any improvements worth noting and assimilating? Last
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2000
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      Max,<br><br>>Does anyone even play at Chamber
      Conflict...?<br><br>>If so, have you observed any improvements worth
      noting and assimilating?<br><br>Last time I looked,
      which wasn't so very long ago, Chamber Conflict was
      functionally SC v3.01.10 with cosmetic changes. :(<br><br>In
      my v3.2 Release Notes I said it was v3.01.11, but
      that was not the case, unfortunately. CC appears to be
      vulnerable to the % cheat.<br><br>Much as I dislike them
      aesthetically I suppose those cosmetic alterations were needed
      to make the game blend in with the styling of the
      rest of the Chamber site, but I fear they've made a
      functional dead-end of the code. I offered quite a long time
      ago to upgrade his functionality to v3.2, but
      although Sten sent me the source I found it was too big a
      job, because the way he had done it was by changing
      almost every line of the output code, unfortunately,
      rather than by feeding the existing output through a
      post-processor, so I couldn't patch(1) in my changes without
      undoing his.<br><br>Blech!
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