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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... There is a belief held by some in the occult: that ancient priest-astronomers were Initiates capable of immersing themselves psychologically inside the
    Message 1 of 4 , Jun 25, 2002
      tma4cbt@... writes:
      > There are other "winking" stars in the cosmos, some visible
      > to the naked eye, yet no star is maligned as Algol is maligned. Homer called it "a ghastly sight, deformed and dreadful, and a sight of woe." To Medieval Arabian astronomers, the term for Algol was Al Ra's al Ghul, meaning "The Demon's Head." Every 2.37 days Algol mysteriously dims from a 2.1 magnitude brightness down to a 3.4, thus Algol seemed to blink, and was called a "winking demon." In fact, it is eclipsing. Algol is not one star, but two co-orbiting stars making up a binary system consisting in a blue, spectral class B8 (Algol 1) and a larger, older, but less bright K2 giant (Algol 2). Arabian armies made it a point to delay important battles until the star regained its brightness, because ill-fortune was thought to befall men during the eclipse, which lasts nearly ten hours. The eclipse occurs when Algol 2 orbits into the line of sight between Earth and Algol 1; then, from our reference point, the star dims into the orange-tinted shade of the K2 giant. The space between the K2 & the B8 is 10.4 km., although a large space by human standards, close enough so where the decaying K2 giant is locked into an elliptical orbit and unable to escape the "sucking" gravitational field exerted by the B8. Connecting them is a Roche Lobe, which is a kind of cosmic umbilical cord. Through it flows hot, gaseous accretions that are stripped from Algol 2 and devoured by the young, vampiristic blue star absorbing the death and dying essence radiating from the K2 giant, which is lessening in mass every moment that its gaseous accretions spill over into the Roche lobe, essentially feeding the ghoulish accumulating mass building up in Algol 1.
      There is a belief held by some in the occult: that ancient priest-astronomers were Initiates capable of immersing themselves psychologically inside the inner workings of a star, could pierce Algol spiritually by merely gazing at it, feel himself involved soulfully within its interacting
      > forces. Deep in trance, and fully immersed in a vivid dream-life, the universe unravels itself symbolically like a great tableau of hieroglyphic images. The stars, thus seen, are no longer points of light. The myth-saturated Egypto-Chaldean man presents us with just such a Universe where stars were gods personified.
      > Hallucinations, perhaps? Then consider the pictures with which cultures, the world over, use to represent Algol. They show an amazing uniformity. Greek star charts, for example, show Algol as a head writhing with lives snake, a head belonging to Medusa (a wicked Greek goddess) whose bluish white eyes, when looked upon, crystallize men into stone figures. For the Hebrew's, Algol was Rosh ha Satan, "the Head of Satan." The Chinese simply thought it was a thing of disgust. They gave Algol the macabre title Tseih She,
      > "the Piled up Corpses." Either ancient man was uniformly
      > schizophrenic and hallucinating `gods in stars,' or we are
      > dealing with a mode of perception that modern man does not
      > understand, or has somehow lost and now deigns false.
      > May the First Cause be with you,
      > MMORRELL

      *******If you work with the states of existence described in Occult Science, and then look at the findings of Astronomy in that light, binary stars can be seen to be in the 'Moon' state---and this is that in which the Fall of Man occurred. Hence their evil reputation.

      Dr. Starman
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