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Dr Starman Calendar

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  • eurythmy
    Dear All there has not been post of Dr Starman Calendar for some weeks. He must be unwell and I hope we all will think of him reading this post of his that he
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 28, 2002

      Dear All

      there has not been post of Dr Starman Calendar for some weeks.

      He must be unwell and I hope we all will think of him reading this post of his that he could not revise for this year.


      From:   <starmann77@a...>
      Date: Sun Apr 9, 2000 7:53pm
      Subject: Calendar of the Soul

      THE "SOUL-CALENDAR": 52nd week after Easter                       

            Here is the Soul-Calendar verse for the 52nd and final week after Easter, in German and English. Anthroposophy’s Soul Calendar is 52 meditative  
      verses designed to enable a meditator to experience the astral or soul events   within us in the course of the year.

      *******THE MANTRAM*******
      Wenn aus den Seelentiefen Der Geist sich wendet zu dem Weltensein Und Schönheit quillt aus Raumesweiten, Dann zieht aus Himmelsfernen Des Lebens Kraft in Menschenleiber Und einet, machtvoll wirkend, Des Geistes Wesen mit dem Menschensein.

      When out of the Soul’s Deeps
      The Spirit winds its way to World-Being   And Beauty swells into the widths of Space, Then is drawn from farthest Heavens The Life Force into Man’s bodies And there becomes one, mightily working, The Spirit’s Essence and Man’s being.

         ***For those not familiar with the use of mantrams:
         Anthroposophy is a Western path of knowledge which begins with reading of books and use of the ordinary logical mind; then, an intensification process  
      can be begun by the use of visual images Steiner gave out called   "Imaginations" and reciting mantras or combinations of words which leads a   step higher to "Inspirations." (The 12 “signs” of the Zodiac, for instance,   are Imaginations.) The meaning of the words of a mantra as read at first   sight is not the essential thing, but rather the repetitive recitation of   them and entering with deeper soul-forces into the inner experience of what   is described.   Also, the mantrams were created in the German language and   have their rhythm from this, so that learning an English version is just a   step to learning to use the real mantram in the original, which is much   preferred. (Chanting "the jewel in the lotus" is very different from "Om mani   padme hum.") Steiner spoke often of the specialness of the German tongue, and   how it had preserved words lost by other Indo-Aryan languages, and said that   it could become what Sanscrit was in old Vedic times: the language in which   spirit-truths are expressed. In translating, I have tried to keep close to   the original so that one can most easily step from the English to the German.  

      * T H E   W E E K *

            In addition to the mantra for each week, in the original version of 1912 were 12 drawings of the zodiac to be meditated on, to sense the spiritual  
      working of the solar forces in the cosmos in the daytime each month, and the   Moon's position in the constellations was given for each night, to sense the   lunar forces of each evening. The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the   influence of Pisces from Mar. 9th to April 13th in our era. (Unfortunately we   can’t send Steiner’s glyphs of the constellations through this medium yet.)   The Moon positions and phases are listed each night in the section below,   along with some of the birth & death days of famous persons published with   the first ‘Seelencalendar’: their lives and contributions are fruitful   material for contemplation on their days. (I’m translating these to restore   the Calendar to its intended use with spiritual, solar and lunar connections.)

      SUNDAY April 9th.  Moon Gemini. Mary Cleophas (who with Mary of Magdala 
        and the Mother of Jesus in John’s Gospel was present at the Crucifixion). 
        Theophilus (Bishop of Alexandria in the 5th century). Francis Bacon of 
        Verulam died 1626.
      MONDAY April 10th.  Moon Gemini. First Quarter. The Prophets Daniel and
      TUESDAY April 11th.  Moon Cancer. Leo (Pope that turned back the wave
        of Attila from Italy). 
      WEDNESDAY April 12th.  Moon Cancer. Zeno.
      THURSDAY April 13th. Moon Leo. Justin Martyr (famous Christian writer of 
        the time of Marcus Aurelius).
      FRIDAY April 14th. Moon Leo. Benedict Huygens, the great Physicist, born
        1629.   ***SUN enters the influence of the constellation ARIES***
      SATURDAY April 15th. Moon Virgo. Day of Remembrance of the Archangel 

      Note. This year Easter comes late, where last year it came early, with the   result that there is a gap of several weeks before the new soul-calendar   mantrams begin April 23rd. One strategy is to simply continue the 52nd verse   for a few weeks, or other verses may be taken up in the interim.

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