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Re: [steiner] To Lorraine

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  • DoctorStarman@aol.com
    ... *******I recommend reading the pamplet Social and Anti-Social Forces . a lecture from 1918. When we try to walk the spiritual path in the present age, we
    Message 1 of 2 , May 2, 2000
      >I'm very interested in your perspective on threefold issues, Dr.
      >Starman. I am also a former member of the Society who has become
      >discouraged. I need to write a formal letter of resignation, but have
      >been putting it off. I would like to do so, but haven't been able to
      >figure out what to say. The last Society function I was involved in
      >was the annual convention in Ann Arbor two years ago. My
      >husband and I thought we might be "recharged" from the experience and
      >also find our way back into active participation with an
      >anthro. group. My experience was to feel even more estranged and
      >disconnected. Maybe it's me that's changed. I don't really
      >understand it completely, but I do know that anthroposophy means as
      >much or more to me than it ever has. Why, then, do I find it so
      >hard to form satisfying associations with other anthroposophists?

      *******I recommend reading the pamplet "Social and Anti-Social Forces". a
      lecture from 1918. When we try to walk the spiritual path in the present age,
      we become very Luciferic, egotistic & anti-social. We have to take strong
      steps to counter this. Many people don't. It's the reason so many "spiritual"
      groups & movements go down in flames.

      > My instinct, when the opportunity arises to become involved with other
      >anthropops is to run, not walk, the other way! On the other
      >hand, I feel that anthroposophical involvements are essential for my
      >own growth. I have come to the conviction that progressive
      >spiritual beings work with groups, and that social involvements are
      >essential if one is to participate in laying the groundwork for
      >the 6th epoch. Maybe it's just too soon for that, but I have a
      >continuing compulsion to find a group of people with which to begin
      >to grow in this way (hence my interest in threefold ideas). What,
      >exactly, does this mean? What, exactly, do I want to find? What,
      >exactly, do I expect myself and others to be able to do? I don't know!

      *******Perhaps this kind of detached discussion is a good start. On thing for
      sure, don't allow yourself to feel 'compelled' into anything!

      As for 'threefold' I have found it to be a refuge for anthropops with
      failed political aspirations, usually the type who want to rail endlessly
      against others' success and actually are closet socialists: that's why it's
      become moribund.

      >>I have also been very involved with astrology. I've had a book on

      astrosophy for about 5 years and have yet to look at it. Astrology

      was my passion before I got married and had kids. I would immerse

      myself in it for days on end. That was no longer possible with

      crying infants, and I gave up active involvement out of frustration.

      It was just too painful to be "dragged out" every 20 minutes.

      Now that my kids are teenagers, I have begun reading some again

      (mainly Liz Greene). It's like a foreign language. If you don't use

      it, you lose it. Where once I could look at a chart and it would

      speak to me, now it's just a bunch of isolated elements and I have to

      work (very hard!) to form it into a picture.

      *******This sort of letting 'something die so it can be reborn in a new way'
      is not unusual. Let it arise again on its own time. Look at the Soul-Calendar
      stuff I've posted, perhaps, as a start.

      Dr. Starman
    • Jarvi
      Dear Dr. Starman, Is your idea of a discussion to dispense advice and wisdom from on high? I do not wish to be rude or unappreciative of your response, but but
      Message 2 of 2 , May 4, 2000
        Dear Dr. Starman,

        Is your idea of a discussion to dispense advice and wisdom from on high? I do not wish to be rude or unappreciative of your response, but but I quite honestly found it off-putting. How do you know what I have read or studied? Could you ask rather than assume? Why did you assume my use of the word "compulsion" indicated that I had a problem? If you are concerned about the tone and quality of exchange, I request that you respond to a post by sharing something of yourself, your own questions and your thoughts, rather than posing as the person with the answers. Thanks for considering this request!

        Actually, I've read "Social and Anti-Social" forces a couple of times. Since you have mentioned it, I feel "compelled" to take it out of the bookshelf once again. :^)  Maybe once I've reread it, we can engage in a discussion. Another book along this vein I've found very valuable is "The Inner Aspect of the Social Question".

        As far as the Calendar of the Soul goes, I don't speak German, so I find The Year Participated by Owen Barfield more evocative. If you don't have it and wish to compare the two, the verse for April 28 through May 4 says, 'I feel the very being of my being,' so the responsive soul, which in a wide world rinsed with radiant sun with flowing light grows one; imparting warmth to mind's transparency, such is her will, so knitting man and world in unison.

        I have to take my daughter to yoga, so must sign off.


        Lorraine Jarvi

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