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Re: [steiner] art

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    In a message dated 2/16/2002 5:35:42 AM Eastern Standard Time, eurythmy@tinyworld.co.uk writes:
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      eurythmy@... writes:

      << Dear Dr Starman,
      Can you tell more to which art the different temperaments are drawn?
      I remember that in Waldorf/Steiner schools children are encouraged to take
      up different
      musical instrument according to their constitution, but could not say which.
      Anyway that would
      be temperaments within an art form.

      *******Yes, the Choleric or Fiery temperament whose etheric body has much
      Warmth Ether is drawn to Speech (Poetry, Drama) and Music; the Sanguine or
      'Airy' temperament which has the Light Ether in its etheric is drawn to Music
      also, but primarily to painting; the Phlegmatic (Watery) with its Chemical
      Ether body is drawn to sculpture and clay modelling, and the Melancholic
      (Earthy---Life Ether) to architecture and especially attracted to Eurythmy.

      Dr. Starman
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      << > >
      > > I wonder what art means for anthroposophical
      > > philosophy,can you tell me about it.
      > >
      > > Thanks, Celia >>

      Art is the spiritual path for modern man, according to anthroposophy---not
      prayer as in going into a monastery, or yoga meditation where you withdraw
      into your inner self... but creating FROM the self. And the different
      temperaments of human beings draw them to different types of creative art.


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