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Theosophy: Summing Up Spirit, Soul & Body

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    * * * In order to comprehend the whole man one must think of him as put together out of the components mentioned above. The body builds itself up out
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 10, 2002
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      In order to comprehend the whole man one must think of him as put
      together out of the components mentioned above. The body builds itself up out
      of the world of physical matter in such a way that this structure is adapted
      to the requirements of the thinking ego. It is permeated with life force and
      becomes thereby the etheric or life body. As such it opens itself through the
      sense organs towards the outer world and becomes the soul body. The sentient
      soul permeates this and becomes a unity with it. The sentient soul does not
      merely receive the impacts of the outer world as sensations. It has its own
      inner life, fertilized through thinking on the one hand and through
      sensations on the other. The sentient soul thus becomes the intellectual
      soul. It is able to do this by opening itself to the intuitions from above as
      it does to sensations from below. Thus it becomes the consciousness soul.
      This is possible because the spirit world builds into it the organ of
      intuition, just as the physical body builds for it the sense organs. The
      senses transmit sensations by means of the soul body, and the spirit
      transmits to it intuitions through the organ of intuition. The spiritual
      human being is thereby linked into a unity with the consciousness soul, just
      as the physical body is linked with the sentient soul in the soul body.
      Consciousness soul and spirit self form a unity. In this unity the spirit man
      lives as life spirit in the same way that the ether body forms the bodily
      life basis for the soul body. Thus, as the physical body is enclosed in the
      physical skin, so is the spirit man in the spirit sheath. The members of the
      whole man are therefore as follows:

      Physical Body
      Ether or life body
      Soul body
      Sentient soul
      Intellectual soul
      Consciousness soul
      Spirit self
      Life spirit
      Spirit man

      Soul body (C) and sentient soul (D) are a unity in the earthly human being.
      In the same way consciousness soul (F) and spirit self (G) are a unity. Thus
      there come to be seven members in earthly man.

      Physical body
      Etheric or life body
      Sentient soul body
      Intellectual soul
      Spirit-filled consciousness soul
      Life spirit
      Spirit man

      In the soul the “I” flashes forth, receives the impulse from the spirit, and
      thereby becomes the bearer of the spiritual human being. Thus man
      participates in the three worlds, the physical, the soul and the spiritual.
      He is rooted in the physical world through his physical body, ether body and
      soul body, and through the spirit self, life spirit and spirit man he comes
      to flower in the spiritual world. The stalk, however, that takes root in the
      one and flowers in the other is the soul itself.

      This arrangement of the members of man can be expressed in a simplified way,
      but one entirely consistent with the above. Although the human “I” flashes
      forth in the consciousness soul, it nevertheless penetrates the whole soul
      being. The parts of this soul being are not at all as distinctly separate as
      are the members of the bodily nature. They interpenetrate each other in a
      higher sense. If then one regards the intellectual soul and the consciousness
      soul as the two sheaths of the “I” that belong together, with the “I”
      itself as their kernel, then one can divide man into physical body, life
      body, astral body and “I.” The expression astral body designates what is
      formed by considering the soul body and sentient soul as a unity. This
      expression is found in the older literature, and may be applied here in a
      somewhat broad sense to what lies beyond the sensibly perceptible in the
      constitution of man. Although the sentient soul is in certain respects
      energized by the “I,” it is still so intimately connected with the soul body
      that a single expression is justified when united. When now the “I”
      saturates itself with the spirit self, this spirit self makes its appearance
      in such a way that the astral body is transmuted from within the soul. In the
      astral body the impulses, desires and passions of man are primarily active in
      so far as they are felt by him. Sense perceptions also are active therein.
      Sense perceptions arise through the soul body as a member in man that comes
      to him from the external world. Impulses, desires and passions arise in the
      sentient soul in so far as it is energized from within, before this inner
      part has yielded itself to the spirit self. This expresses itself in the
      illumination of the impulses, desires and passions by what the “I” has
      received from the spirit. The “I” has then, through its participation in the
      spiritual world, become ruler in the world of impulses and desires. To the
      extent to which it has become this, the spirit self manifests in the astral
      body, and the astral body is transmuted thereby. The astral body itself then
      appears as a two-fold body — partly untransmuted and partly transmuted. We
      can, therefore, designate the spirit self manifesting itself in man as the
      transmuted astral body.

      A similar process takes place in the human individual when he receives the
      life spirit into his “I.” The life body then becomes transmuted, penetrated
      with life spirit. The life spirit manifests itself in such a way that the
      life body becomes quite different from what it was. For this reason it can
      also be said that the life spirit is the transmuted life body. If the “I”
      receives the spirit man, it thereby receives the necessary force to penetrate
      the physical body. Naturally, that part of the physical body thus transmuted
      is not perceptible to the physical senses, because it is just this
      spiritualized part of the physical body that has become the spirit man. It is
      then present to the physical senses as physical, and insofar as this physical
      is spiritualized, it has to be beheld by spiritual perceptive faculties,
      because to the external senses the physical, even when penetrated by the
      spiritual, appears to be merely sensible.

      Taking all this as basis, the following arrangement may also be given of the
      members of man:

      Physical body
      Life body
      Astral body
      I, as soul kernel
      Spirit self as transmuted astral body
      Life spirit as transmuted life body
      Spirit man as transmuted physical body .
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