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The Spirit Self

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    * * * The “I” lives in the soul. Although the highest manifestation of the “I” belongs to the consciousness soul, one must, nevertheless, say
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 8, 2002
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      The “I” lives in the soul. Although the highest manifestation of the “I”
      belongs to the consciousness soul, one must, nevertheless, say that this “I”
      raying out from it fills the whole soul, and through it exerts its action
      upon the body. In the “I” the spirit is alive. The spirit sends its rays
      into the “I” and lives in it as in a sheath or veil, just as the “I” lives
      in its sheaths, the body and soul. The spirit develops the “I” from within,
      outwards; the mineral world develops it from without, inwards. The spirit
      forming and living as “I” will be called spirit self because it manifests as
      the “I,” or ego, or self of man. The difference between the spirit self and
      the consciousness soul can be made clear in the following way. The
      consciousness soul is in touch with the self-existent truth that is
      independent of all antipathy and sympathy. The spirit self bears within it
      the same truth, but taken up into and enclosed by the “I,” individualized by
      it, and absorbed into the independent being of the individual. It is through
      the eternal truth becoming thus individualized and bound up into one being
      with the “I” that the “I” itself attains to the eternal.

      The spirit self is a revelation of the spiritual world within the “I,” just
      as from the other side sensations are a revelation of the physical world
      within the “I.” In what is red, green, light, dark, hard, soft, warm, cold
      one recognizes the revelations of the corporeal world. In what is true and
      good are to be found the revelations of the spiritual world. In the same
      sense in which the revelation of the corporeal world is called sensation, let
      the revelation of the spiritual be called intuition. * (See Addendum 6.) Even
      the most simple thought contains intuition because one cannot touch thought
      with the hands or see it with the eyes. Its revelation must be received from
      the spirit through the “I.” If an undeveloped and a developed man look at a
      plant, there lives in the ego of the one something quite different from what
      exists in the ego of the other. Yet the sensation of both are called forth by
      the same object. The difference lies in this, that the one can form far more
      perfect thoughts about the object than the other. If objects revealed
      themselves through sensation only, there could be no progress in spiritual
      development. Even the savage is affected by nature, but the laws of nature
      reveal themselves only to the thoughts fructified by intuition of the more
      highly developed man. The stimuli from the outer world are felt also by the
      child as incentives to the will, but the commandments of the morally good
      disclose themselves to him in the course of his development in proportion as
      he learns to live in the spirit and understand its revelations.

      There could be no color sensations without physical eyes, and there could be
      no intuitions without the higher thinking of the spirit self. As little as
      sensation creates the plant in which color appears does intuition create the
      spiritual realities about which it is merely giving knowledge.

      The ego of a man that comes to life in the soul draws into itself messages
      from above, from the spirit world, through intuitions, and through sensations
      it draws in messages from the physical world. In so doing it makes the spirit
      world into the individualized life of its own soul, even as it does the
      physical world by means of the senses. The soul, or rather the “I” flaming
      forth in it, opens its portals on two sides — towards the corporeal and
      towards the spiritual.
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