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Theosophy 1D:Body Soul and Spirit---5.The Intellectual Soul

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    The sentient soul enters into mutual action and reaction with the body, and also with thinking, with the spirit. In the first place, thinking serves the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 31, 2002
      "The sentient soul enters into mutual action and reaction with the body,
      and also with thinking, with the spirit. In the first place, thinking serves
      the sentient soul. Man forms thoughts about his sensations and thus
      enlightens himself regarding the outside world. The child that has burnt
      itself thinks it over and reaches the thought, “Fire burns.” Man does not
      follow his impulses, instincts, and passions blindly but his reflection upon
      them brings about the opportunity for him to gratify them. What one calls
      material civilization is motivated entirely in this direction. It consists in
      the services that thinking renders to the sentient soul. Immeasurable
      quantities of thought-power are directed to this end. It is thought-power
      that has built ships, railways, telegraphs and telephones, and by far the
      greatest proportion of these conveniences serves only to satisfy the needs of
      sentient souls. Thought-force permeates the sentient soul similarly to the
      way the formative life-force permeates the physical body. The formative
      life-force connects the physical body with forefathers and descendants and
      thus brings it under a system of laws with which the purely mineral body is
      in no way concerned. In the same way thought-force brings the soul under a
      system of laws to which it does not belong as mere sentient soul. Through the
      sentient soul man is related to the animals. In animals also we observe the
      presence of sensations, impulses, instincts and passions. The animal,
      however, obeys these immediately and they do not become interwoven with
      independent thoughts thereby transcending the immediate experiences.* This
      is also the case to a certain extent with undeveloped human beings. The mere
      sentient soul, therefore, differs from the evolved higher member of the soul
      that brings thinking into its service. This soul that is served by thought
      will be termed the intellectual soul. It could also be called the mind soul.

      The intellectual soul permeates the sentient soul. The one who possesses
      the organ for seeing the soul sees the intellectual soul as a separate entity
      in contrast to the mere sentient soul.

      *It is necessary that the statements of spiritual science be taken
      literally because only in the accurate expression of the ideas have they
      value. For example, take the sentence, “They (the sensations) do not, in its
      case (namely, that of the animal), become interwoven with independent
      thoughts, transcending the immediate experiences.” If the words
      “independent, transcending the immediate experiences” are left out of
      account, it would be easy to fall into the mistake of thinking that it is
      claimed here that the sensations and instincts of animals do not contain
      thoughts. The truth is, that spiritual science is based on a knowledge that
      says that all inner experience of animals, as well as existence in general,
      is interwoven with thought. Only the thoughts of the animals are not those of
      an independent ego living in the animal, but those of the animal group-ego,
      which must be regarded as a being governing the animal from without. This
      group-ego is not, like the human ego, present in the physical world, but
      works down into the animal from the soul world as described in part 1 of
      Chapter III. (Further details regarding this are to be found in my Occult
      Science, an Outline.) The point to make clear is that in man, thought attains
      to an independent existence; that in him, it is not experienced indirectly in
      sensation, but directly in the soul as thought.
      * * *
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