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Theosophy 1D:Body Soul and Spirit---4.The Soul Body

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    (After describing the sentient soul....) The sentient soul s activity depends entirely on the ether body. The sentient soul draws from the ether body what it
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 30, 2002
      (After describing the sentient soul....)
      "The sentient soul's activity depends entirely on the ether body. The
      sentient soul draws from the ether body what it in turn causes to gleam forth
      as sensation. Since the ether body is the life within the physical body, the
      sentient soul is also directly dependent on the physical body. Only with
      correctly functioning and well-constructed eyes are correct color sensations
      possible. It is in this way that the nature of the body affects the sentient
      soul, and it is thus determined and limited in its activity by the body. It
      lives within the limitations fixed for it by the nature of the body. The body
      accordingly is built up of mineral substances, is vitalized by the ether
      body, and itself limits the sentient soul. A man, therefore, who has the
      organ mentioned above for seeing the sentient soul sees it limited by the
      body, but its limits do not coincide with those of the physical body. This
      soul extends somewhat beyond the physical body and proves itself to be
      greater than the physical body. The force through which its limits are set,
      however, proceeds from the physical body. Thus, between the physical body and
      the ether body on the one hand, and the sentient soul on the other, another
      distinct member of the human constitution inserts itself. This is the soul
      body or sentient body. It may also be said that one part of the ether body is
      finer than the rest and this finer part forms a unity with the sentient soul,
      whereas the coarser part forms a kind of unity with the physical body. The
      sentient soul, nevertheless, extends, as has been said, beyond the soul body.

      What is here called sensation is only a part of the soul nature. (The
      expression sentient soul is chosen for the sake of simplicity.) Connected
      with sensations are the feelings of desire and aversion, impulses, instincts,
      passions. All these bear the same character of individual life as do the
      sensations, and are, like them, dependent on the bodily nature."
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