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Life Between Death and Rebirth

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  • Sena Fernando
    Thank you, Giselle, for taking the trouble to write your messages before dashing off to work! I had no difficulty reading your Word document with Wordpad.
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      Thank you, Giselle, for taking the trouble to write your messages
      before dashing off to work! I had no difficulty reading your Word
      document with Wordpad.
      There is, in fact a book by Steiner by the above title. It is a
      collection of 13 lectures given by Steiner in 1912-1913, and is
      available from Amazon.com and from Blackwell's in the U.K. You would
      agree that some of Steiner's books are quite difficult to read. I
      find some of the lectures easier to understand, but they are said to
      be not that authentic because they were written up by Steiner's
      students and often not checked by him. So I tend to rely quite
      heavily on this book by A.E.Shepherd - " A Scientist of the
      Invisible ".
      According to Shepherd's interpretation of Steiner, the sequence
      of events after the death of an individual are as follows:
      The individual ego (the "soul"), clothed in the astral and etheric
      bodies becomes aware of the etheric time-tableau of his entire
      previous earth-life. This tableau is transformed from a mere sequence
      of events into a vivid picture of the personal relationships of the
      individual, the moral implications of which are apparent to the ego -
      a judgement in which it feels the concurrence
      of the spiritual world. This is of course the equivalent of the
      Judgement of classical Christian eschatology, but the difference is
      that here the individual is judging himelf.
      The ego has now reached the astral world, which is described as
      consisting only of personal relationships, and there he sees that
      similar conditions existed, unperceived, in his earth-life. The ego
      is now not concerned with tracing the time-sequence of his earthly
      life, but is absorbed in unravelling the pattern of moral
      relationships in which his being is implicated. He is in other words
      experiencing the phenomenon of Karma as a living reality. In such a
      retrospect the essential validity of moral values becomes self-
      evident, and the main purpose of this exercise is to integrate man's
      earthly experience into his eternal spirit-being. In Christian
      thought, the astral world is probably what is referred to
      as "Purgatory".
      In the third stage, the individual leaves behind its astral body of
      subjective soul-experience and enteres as pure spirit into the spirit-
      world. In the spirit-world the personal relationships experienced on
      earth in time and space are metamorphosed into the spirit's actual
      being, and time and space pass away. It is in this vast pattern of
      related being that there is to be found that eternal, indestructible
      picture of all that has ever happened, which is called the Akashic
      Record. This is another instance of the difference between the
      Western esoteric tradition and the Eastern, which would regard
      earthly deeds as Maya (illusion), lacking in eternal significance.
      When the human spirit has reached the summit of his experience in the
      world of pure spirit, there awakens in it a desire to perfect further
      the evolution of its own being and that of the earth, and to remedy
      the wrong relationships into which it has brought itself. It begins
      to experience a longing to return to the earth, and this leads, with
      the assistance of the highest creator spirits, to the next human
      birth of the individual.

      Does this account match up with your understanding of Steiner's
      views? I would be most interested in your comments, and those of any
      other members of the group.
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