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Theosophy 1D:Body Soul and Spirit---1. The Physical Body

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    Body, Soul and Spirit * Man can only come to a true understanding of himself when he grasps clearly the significance of thinking within his being. The brain is
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 26, 2002
      Body, Soul and Spirit *

      Man can only come to a true understanding of himself when he grasps clearly
      the significance of thinking within his being. The brain is the bodily
      instrument of thinking. A properly constructed eye serves us for seeing
      colors, and the suitably constructed brain serves us for thinking. The whole
      body of man is so formed that it receives its crown in the physical organ of
      the spirit, the brain. The construction of the human brain can only be
      understood by considering it in relation to its task — that of being the
      bodily basis for the thinking spirit. This is borne out by a comparative
      survey of the animal world. Among the amphibians the brain is small in
      comparison with the spinal cord; in mammals it is proportionately larger; in
      man it is largest in comparison with the rest of the body.

      There are many prejudices prevalent regarding such statements about thinking
      as are presented here. Many people are inclined to under-value thinking and
      to place higher value on the warm life of feeling or emotion. Some even say
      it is not by sober thinking but by warmth of feeling and the immediate power
      of the emotions that we raise ourselves to higher knowledge. People who talk
      in this way are afraid they will blunt the feelings by clear thinking. This
      certainly does result from ordinary thinking that refers only to matters of
      utility. In the case of thoughts that lead to higher regions of existence,
      what happens is just the opposite. There is no feeling and no enthusiasm to
      be compared with the sentiments of warmth, beauty and exaltation that are
      enkindled through the pure, crystal-clear thoughts that refer to the higher
      worlds. The highest feelings are, as a matter of fact, not those that come of
      themselves, but those that are achieved by energetic and persevering

      The human body is so constructed that it is adapted to thinking. The same
      materials and forces that are present in the mineral kingdom are so combined
      in the human body that thought can manifest itself by means of this
      combination. This mineral structure built up in accordance with its function
      will be called in the following pages the physical body of man.

      *Footnote: . It may appear as if the manner of dividing the being of man
      employed in this book rests upon a purely arbitrary differentiation of parts
      within the unitary soul life. It must be emphasized that this differentiation
      within the unitary soul life may be compared with the phenomenon of the seven
      color nuances in the rainbow, caused by light passing through a prism. What
      the physicist accomplishes with his explanation of the phenomenon of light
      through his study of this process, and the resultant seven shades of color,
      is accomplished by the spiritual scientist with regard to the soul being of
      man. The seven members in light become visible through an external
      contrivance, while the seven members of the soul become observable by a
      method consistent with the spiritual nature of the soul being of man. The
      soul's true nature cannot be grasped without the knowledge of this inner
      organization because the soul, through its three members, physical body, life
      body and soul body, belongs to the transitory world; through its other four
      members, it is rooted in the eternal. In the unitary soul the transitory and
      the eternal are indistinguishably united. Unless one is aware of this
      differentiation of the soul, it is not possible to understand its relation to
      the world as a whole. Another comparison may also be used. The chemist
      separates water into hydrogen and oxygen. Neither of these substances can be
      observed in the unitary water. Nevertheless, each has its own proper
      existence. Hydrogen and oxygen both unite with other substances. Thus at
      death, the three lower members of the soul unite with the transitory part of
      the world being; the four higher members unite with the eternal. Anyone who
      objects to taking this differentiation of the soul into account resembles an
      analytical chemist who objects to knowing anything about the separation of
      water into hydrogen and oxygen.
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