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Re: [steiner] The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity Ch. 11

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      << In the first paragraph of Chap 11 what does Steiner mean when
      he says, "One performs an action of which one has previously
      made a mental picture, and one allows this mental picture to
      determine one's action. Thusthe later (the deed) influences
      the earlier (the doer) with the help of the mental picture."

      If I form a mental picture of running around the room and
      then do it, is he saying that my running around the room
      generated the metal picture which I used as my motive? >>

      ******No, that the picture was set by you as a motive for doing what you
      later did. So the picture of what WOULD happen was the motive for doing it.
      Steiner is saying this only happens in Man. This has been a topic of much
      discussion as it relates to Darwinism and Nature on the anthropos-science
      list all year.

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