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Re: [steiner] The Experiencing of Spirit

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      << Yes, it is very clear, but that is not my problem- it's
      obtaining the experience, or knowing when I am having the
      experience. I could show those words of Steiner's to many of
      my friends and they would say, "Hey, I spent all day thinking
      about this or that and I didn't have no spiritual experience"
      or even math teachers who would say the same thing after
      spending intense time concentrating on a math problem. I'm
      not arguing here, just describing my own personal problem.
      In fact, I don't think I can honestly say I've experienced my
      thinking directly in this way, yet the thoughts, as Steiner
      expresses them, I have taken in and they feel very strong to
      me. Strong, but meaningless if I don't let go of them and
      jump into the experience.

      Carol >>

      *******But there's no "other experience" to seek for. Steiner's philosophical
      works were all written to argue that when we think in concepts it is the
      human spirit that is acting and that we are experiencing directly.
      He makes this exact same point again in the first chapter of Theosophy,
      which we'll be taking up next on the RudolfSteiner101 list (and not at this
      quick pace over just12 days!).

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