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Who is Tom Mellett?

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  • Sena Fernando
    Hi Dr,Starman, I ll sic Tom Mellett on the moderator. - Is that a threat? Best wishes, Sena ... question: does ... consequently ... still ... AS in ...
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 5, 2000
      Hi Dr,Starman,
      "I'll sic Tom Mellett on the moderator." - Is that a threat?
      Best wishes,

      --- In steiner@egroups.com, starmann77@a... wrote:
      > In a message dated 9/4/0 5:09:19 PM, you wrote:
      > <<Hello moderator,
      > this is to briefly introduce myself, but first I need to ask a
      question: does
      > "paid-up member" signify someone who works for the AS and is
      > paid?
      > Forgive my ignorance, English is my third language and sometimes I
      > don't get some meanings. Because as it were, I am a member of the
      AS in
      > Britain, but I don't work for them, so please let me know my
      position in
      > relation to this group.
      > About me, I became a member some years ago when I found out that
      that was the
      > prerequisite in order to attend the first class... I might define
      myself as a
      > researcher in spiritual matters and Steiner philosophy is the one
      for me
      > since about seven years. One day I was in a public library in
      London and was
      > looking for books on afterlife because my best friend had just
      died, when
      > this book literally fell off the shelves; I picked it up, it
      was "From death
      > to rebirth" or something like that. From that book I discovered so
      > things which sounded as if I had
      > known them before, they made sense.
      > I have read a lot since and I am also a great fan of Waldorf
      Education, I
      > mean the pedagogy, not the schools themselves nowadays.
      > Please let me know if I can stay in this group.
      > Regards,
      > Gisele.>>
      > Just let them try to take you off. I'll sic Tom Mellett on the
      > But seriously, does it say somewhere that you have to be a paid-up
      member to
      > join? How could anyone tell? Do we have to get a letter from Eric
      Winter (the
      > Treasurer of the US Society)?
      > Dr. Starman
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