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Holy Nights' study-Die Philosophy der Freiheit

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    Well, we re agreed we ll take up the Philosophy der Freiheit (the Philosophy of Spiritual Activity) for the 12 Holy Nights. To any who just recently joined,
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 23, 2001
      Well, we're agreed we'll take up the "Philosophy der Freiheit" (the
      Philosophy of Spiritual Activity) for the 12 Holy Nights. To any who just
      recently joined, you can find some posts I put here in the past few days
      about Steiner's books, the place in his work of the Philosophy of "Freedom"
      as it's often called (though Steiner was emphatic that that should NOT be the
      English translation of 'Freiheit'---for reasons that become clear on working
      with it), and an overview of the book.

      It's in 14 sections, and I've found the first three are crucial---if one
      doesn't "get" those. the effrct of the whole rest of it is lost. The book
      itself can be found online (in a translation by Bill Lindemann of Spring
      Valley, one of the few in America working intensively with Steiner's
      philosophical works) at: <A
      HREF="http://www.elib.com/Steiner/Books/GA004/POSA/">Steiner e.Lib: Books POSA
      </A> .
      (If that doesn't come through your browser as a link, the URL is:
      http://www.elib.com/Steiner/Books/GA004/POSA/ )

      Some of you may not know of the tradition of the 12 Holy Nights' study.
      Where it comes from is that Steiner pointed to this time as one where the
      spiritual world is closest to we human beings incarnated on earth, and
      therefore we can draw spiritual force into us for the coming year, so to
      speak, by taking a work and studying it each night.

      Those of you who did our study of the Gospel of St. John online here last
      year, if you have suggestions as to what we could do to improve how we do it,
      let's hear them. We can post each chapter here for people to read, and we can
      each take up one and present our understanding of it to the group. There is
      also a Files section where you can put anything creative, text or graphics,
      you do with the study material.

      So who would like to volunteer to take any chapters and present or
      summarize them? Or anything else you'd like to do?

      Dr. Starman
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