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Re: [Ark] Public posting and copying to other lists

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  • Lil Ole Miss
    Dear Jeff, In an attempt to reply to your query regarding the plagiarism of one s writings, I find it shocking that another would sink to such a level, unless,
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 23, 2001
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      Dear Jeff,

      In an attempt to reply to your query regarding the plagiarism of one's
      writings, I find it shocking that another would sink to such a level,
      unless, of course, that other is totally without moral scruples and also
      lacks an ability to write or initiate any thoughts or ideas of his/her own.
      This issue is greatly disturbing to me since I have recently joined the
      lists mentioned above in the "address" line as well as participating in a-s
      and a-v, lists of similar thought. What I write to the address of any
      posting of mine is written solely for that address alone and none other,
      never to be used otherwise or elsewhere. It is common knowledge and rather a
      joke that one list exists which I would not stoop to the level of, which
      seems to exist for one purpose only: Like Osama bin Laden's desire to "wipe
      out the United States," this list, the WC list, exists solely to wipe out
      top notch education of our children, regardless of the harm suffered by a
      child, others or even the world. Common decency alone would prevent
      hijacking one's personal posts behind one's back, but especially stealing it
      for twisted, distorted, and dishonest purposes to place it on an entirely
      different list, a list noted for its untruthfulness, to put it politely, is
      reprehensible. This latter involves a level of behaviors and thought
      processes found among those of dubious or no moral caliber--perhaps what is
      commonly referred to as "those who haven't kept up with the normal evolution
      of mankind." Finally, I do wish to assure you wholeheartedly that I most
      definitely agree with the ARK's policy as well as your own, and I certainly
      shall have the moral courage to act like a human being.



      >The following is in response to cross posting ( taking posts from a public
      site e.g.. Anthroposophy@yahoogroups.com) to a critics list devoted to
      attacking Anthroposophy, Waldorf and Rudolf Steiner.

      To Gary,
      And that does not mean posts on that list (AP@yahoogroups.com) can be
      copied and placed elsewhere without a writer's permission. If I wanted
      something posted on WC, I would do it but I don't. If someone wants to join
      an AP oriented list and participate, that's fine but to copy posts and place
      them outside a particular list is not okay. This is common respect and I
      don't want it done with my posts.

      And this brings up a very vital issue for all list members. People should
      realize that everything one says on the net is open for public viewing. One
      can request not to have posts taken elsewhere or copied to other lists but
      it is done and there is virtually nothing to be done about it. All one can
      do is to appeal to personal ethics and if necessary to ostracize and boot
      people off a list for violations. So, intimate or personal posts should be
      sent privately to individuals if one wants privacy.

      What do people feel about this issue?? Should each list have this policy??
      The Ark already has and if people want to read the policy it can be sent by
      the moderator.

      jeff auen
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