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All Soul's Day

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  • DRStarman2001@aol.com
    ... Hall of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, to contemplate the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the day prior. ... Held
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      > At 8:15 pm on Wednesday, September 12th, a gathering was held in the Great
      Hall of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland, to contemplate the terrorist
      attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, the day prior.
      > The evening was framed with music and opened by Johannes Kühl. Wolfgang
      Held gave a detailed description of events and three Dornachers shared their
      personal experiences. Heinz Zimmermann posed the question, "What can we do?"
      After the talk, I asked Heinz Zimmermann if I could, under my own
      initiative, translate what he had said. He was kind enough to allow me to do
      so; what follows is a translation of an uncorrected transcript from his
      > Dear Friends,
      > Every one of us is trying to deal in his own way with this terrible event
      currently occupying the human consciousness, and to process it through
      prayers for the victims and their relations, individual recognition
      (Erkenntnis) of the situation, finding small and large connections between
      things, through art, etc. In addition to this, we are able to notice that
      through the constant reports--- through pictures, written words and radio---
      our own activity becomes lamed and is unexpectedly steered in group thinking.
      > We ourselves repeat the phrases of the collective terminology: "Islamic
      Fundamentalists,attack on freedom and democracy, Palestinians", etc., and
      also find that we cannot grasp this experience through these words "war,
      attack, counter-attack, punishment, the routing out of terrorism". This only
      reveals the question if then the Pentagon and the destroyed World Trade
      Center are really the guarantee for freedom and democracy.

      > It is very different when we make ourselves conscious of the fact of how
      many hundreds of single destinies have been woven together with this event,
      of how many human souls have crossed the threshold of death at the same time,
      and among them also those that carried out this devilish plan.
      > What is happening now in the world that borders the earthly world?
      > Definitely belonging to an earthly grouping such as a nationality, party or
      religion stops. Here, too, thoughts of hate and revenge stop. Our concern
      > be in sympathizing with what these souls are now experiencing, and also
      with the pain of those on the earth who lost them. We already heard some
      examples and everyone will have their own way of doing this. We can think of
      this meeting [tonight] as a beginning, as something that raises our
      consciousness or can raise our consciousness: Now work must be done!
      > One suggestion has already been made that art can serve as a bridge to the
      spiritual world, a bridge to the realm where there are now hundreds of
      deceased who were torn out of their daily lives---those who went into
      > the buildings thinking about their daily business and then in a single
      moment came the hit! They went in with very earthly thoughts that were
      connected to their duties in the Center. But among them were also the people
      who helped create this disaster. The souls are among them who, with
      unbelievably diabolic thoughts, made this happen. They too have crossed the
      threshold. Their conviction was so strong that they thought nothing of
      throwing their lives away.
      > This raises the question: how can we build a bridge to that which stands
      before us as a web of human destiny? One possibility is the arts.
      > Yesterday, here at the Goetheanum, the "alleluia" was done in eurythmy.
      Another group did the prologue to the Gospel of St. John together in
      eurythmy. These are gestures that come from an art form which creates a
      > connection to the world of the deceased. It is something that everyone can
      do, something that is accessible. It can also be prayer or thoughts about
      > the deceased, about this world. The stronger it is, the greater the
      possibility of helping...<<

      *******I think Mr. Zimmerman's speech is an example of what anthroposophy
      should be.

      In the name of the Michaelic use of technology, I'd like to suggest that
      all interested plan a way to use this coming All Soul's Day to do something
      for all those who have crossed the Threshold recently, to help them awaken,
      as anthroposophic communities are doing with their local observances on these
      days for the dead.

      Dr. Starman
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