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Re: Bondy's *CC* book, yet again

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  • Robert Mason
    Yes, again.  I ran across something that made me take another look at Bondy s *CC* book, and I had to take a look at Menzer s account, and another look at
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 3, 2014
    Yes, again.  I ran across something that made me take another
    look at Bondy's *CC* book, and I had to take a look at Menzer's
    account, and another look at Saacke's.  Then I ran across
    Bondy's recent essay on the Ukraine crisis, and I tried to read
    that, with Google's translation.  I kept getting distracted and
    diverted here and there, but I ended up reading Bondy's *CC*
    book a third time, with more.  Now it has a 19th chapter that
    was not in my English version, and that was apparently written
    after the first edition came out.  And there were more, recent
    appendices, including an update after 7 years, in 2012 -- all in
    German.  The English, German, and Russian editions seem to
    have different appendices; even the pdf and doc versions seem
    to be different.  So I tried to read those, again with help from
    Google Translate, which almost drives me crazy; sometimes I
    hardly even know how to formulate standard English sentences
    after a copious dose of Google English.  I kept letting myself be
    diverted into following up on questions raised in those appendices: 
    Judith von Halle and Lazarus in particular.  And I spent a lot of
    time trying to chase down Steiner's meaning of the "culture of the
    heart", and I'm still working on that.  I had to read a lot of
    Steiner-saids, and I scanned parts of Bondy's book a fourth time.
    One thing or another kept coming up and slowing me down. 
    I have several projects going at once; I have to keep up with the
    minimum necessities of everyday life; and the news kept intruding
    on me, especially the Ukrainian crisis; on so on and on.   The news
    is so disconcerting, following on from the sad, puzzling story of the
    failure of the Christmas Conference, the confusion within and
    around the Anthro Society, and Steiner's death.  Not a lot of fun. 
    -- It's really hard for someone, such as myself, with "attention
    deficit disorder" to stay on track, and I kept failing to do that. --
    I keep begging off this way, but it's true; I'm disorganized and
    But this is a book that repays re-reading; IMO all Anthros should
    read it at least once; three or even four times is far from too many. 
    If you can't spring for the cost, you could try to talk your local
    library into getting a copy.
    I won't get online again for a while, probably not until the 7th, so
    I won't be answering questions anytime soon.
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