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Soul-Calendar, Week 23 after Easter

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  • Durward Starman
    The CALENDAR OF THE SOUL Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave out the Soul-Calendar in 1912, consisting of 52 meditative mantras to enable us to experience the
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         Dr. Rudolf Steiner gave out the 'Soul-Calendar' in 1912, consisting of 52 meditative mantras to enable us to experience the 'astral' (soul) events occurring within us as well as in Nature during the year, starting with the 1st mantra every year on Easter Sunday. We experience this unconsciously all through the year, but these meditative verses enable us to become conscious of it.

         The mantras for each week are well known to many students of Steiner, but the original 'Calendar ' also had 12 Images of the Zodiac, to be meditated with each month (to sense the working of the 'solar' forces in the cosmos), plus a listing of the Moon's phases & position in the signs each night (for sensing the 'lunar' forces), and a list of dates of births and deaths of spiritual figures and dates of events to contemplate on specific days.
          Here's the Soul-Calendar restored to this complete form, with some details added on the planets this week as well.

         The Sun, according to the Doctor, is under the influence of the constellation LEO from August 4th through September 7th in our era. A version (done by Margot Roessler) of a new symbolic image of the LION from the original Soul-Calendar (created originally by artist Imma von Eckherdstein from Dr. Steiner's sketches & indications) in the color he said corresponded to the sign, blue, is attached to this e-mail.



                    THE WEEK'S MANTRA:

        For those not familiar with the use of mantras: The anthroposophical spiritual path uses symbolic images, like the Zodiac image (called 'Imaginations' ), to awaken 'spiritual sight', and mantras ('Inspirations' ) to open 'spiritual hearing.' The meaning of the words of a mantra at first sight is not important, but rather what happens when you recite it and enter with deeper soul-forces into its inner experience. Also, these mantras were created in the German language and have their rhythms in that, so learning an English version is just a step to using the original; I've kept close to it in translating, so anyone can easily go from English to German. 




                                        * MANTRA # 23 *

     Es dämpfet herbstlich sich

    Der Sinne Reizesstreben;

    In Lichtesoffenbarung mischen

    Der Nebel dumpfe Schleier sich.

    Ich selber schau in Raumesweiten

    Des Herbstes Winterschlaf.

    Der Sommer hat an mich

    Sich selber hingegeben.


    There is muffled Autumnally

    The Senses' streaming Charms;

    In Light-Revealings is mingled

    The Fog's musty Veil.

    I myself see in Space-Widths

    The Autumn's Winter-Sleep.

    The Summer has to me

    Its own self given over.


    An interpretation of this week's mantra:

        Last week, that which was received spiritually from the Summer Light and Warmth was felt as an ongoing power within releasing the fruit of its working, to evolve a Self out of the World-Self. This is because, at the time of change from Summer to Winter, we cease to be conscious of the external world and instead become conscious again of ourselves, as if awakening from a summer dream-state. Our Nature-Consciousness strives to become inner Self Consciousness, but at first we may feel fear due to no longer being able to lean on outer things for consciousness, which is why the symbol of the warrior archangel is placed before us at Michaelmas, summoning us to have courage, for we are not going to die as our summer nature-consciousness wanes, but rather wake up. 

        This week's verse is the first appearance of Autumn dulling the senses' summer brilliance; but that which has been gained from the summer-experience now becomes our inner self-experience.




    Sunday, September 1st. Moon Leo.  


    Monday, September 2nd. Moon Leo. 


    Tuesday, September 3rd. Moon Leo. 


    Wednesday,  September 4th. Moon Virgo. 

    Marcellus, School of Peter. Moses.

    Thursday, September 5th. Moon Virgo. New Moon.

    Nathaniel (he who in John's Gospel was named a 'true Israelite').

    Friday  September 6th. Moon Libra.

    Zacharias the Prophet. 1729 Moses Mendelssohn born. 1809 the Biblical critic Bruno Bauer born.

    Saturday,  September 7th. Moon Libra.




       Venus is the bright white 'star' in the West at sunset. It will rise higher every night over the next several months. The crescent moon is near it Saturday night.

       Saturn is in the southwestern sky at sunset, near the stars of Scorpius. Venus will approach closer to it over the next 3 weeks.



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