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RE: [steiner] chemtrails vs. Etheric Christ?

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  • Durward Starman
    *******I just think it s sad how irrational people can be. I live near a jet base and contrails (condensation of the jet exhaust) are in the air all the time.
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 22, 2013
      *******I just think it's sad how irrational people can be. I live near a jet base and contrails (condensation of the jet exhaust) are in the air all the time. Jets fly in US airspace thousands of times a day. So, if some conspiracy existed to fill the jets' tanks with deadly or mind-numbing chemicals of some sort, you go figure out how many jet pilots, jet mechanics, re-fueling people etc. would have to be involved---and all keep secrecy. I don't have the mental energy to waste on such an absurd exercise. I'll leave it to holocaust-deniers and the Moon Landing-hoax crowd.

         Also I am familiar with Wilhelm Reich's orgone energy experiments and you are right, it corresponds to what Steiner called "Sound, Chemical or Number Ether." But this resin substance being hawked as "orgonite" has nothing whatever to do with orgone energy or the etheric at all--- it's just a dead mineral.

         I've been spending the past few months looking in at the anthroposophic group on Facebook, and it reminds me what I've managed to keep out of here. Hallucinations, people clearly on drugs, irrationality, confused thinking, rambling, incoherence---and very little anthroposophy, naturally, since it requires clear thinking and spiritual health. I saw two or three clear thinkers out of a group whose members number nearly 2,000. It's pathetic.

        All of which makes me feel like doing more with this group. I don't value my contributions high compared to the Doctor, but they're sure better than that garbage. More to follow.


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      From: robertsmason_99@...
      Date: Sat, 22 Jun 2013 10:37:21 -0700
      Subject: [steiner] chemtrails vs. Etheric Christ?

      I'm not quite endorsing this, but a possibility to consider:
      >>. . . . part
      of the reason of chemtrails is to CUT-OFF the earth from the upper etheric
      frequencies of the planet, namely THE ANGELIC KINGDOM. From an occult viewpoint,
      they knew as I do, that the emerging Christ Spirit - his so-called "return"
      would be as the Heart Center of the Sun, took over and animated, the etheric
      body of Earth, via the Christ Spirit. To prevent this forward step, and to
      insure that the planet would then become a separated planet of rich, Satanic
      meat-sacks, all becoming tomorrow's lunch for the Annunaki. To stop this, they
      have to cut the planet's life blood off from the source. Basically, they figured
      out a reversed engineering way to prevent the etheric growth of the planet.
      CHemtrails was that answer. Cbswork - June 2004<<
      *Cbswork* is the nom de net of Don Bradley;
      it means *chembusters work*. 
      <http://www.chembuster.us/>  A "chembuster"
      is an updated version of Wilhelm Reich's
      "cloudbuster".  It is made with "orgonite"
      which supposedly captures and/or generates
      "orgone".  Reich's concept of *orgone* is
      roughly equivalent to Steiner's *chemical
      ether*, but perhaps with a touch of some
      other ethers.
      Orgonite is also used to make "tower busters"
      which are used to combat the problem of
      cell-tower radiation.
      The "Etheric Warriors" work with these
      techniques on an ongoing basis.  Here is
      their website:
      "Cbswork" or "DB" is there sometimes.

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