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Re: still yet another attempt at 7fold thinking

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  • Robert Mason
    ... – that you have put a lot of effort into something that is quite far removed from the core business itself.
    Message 1 of 3 , May 8, 2013
      To Robert Barnskog, who wrote:

      >>. . . . but it seems – when reading your post
      – that you have put a lot of effort into
      something that is quite far removed from the
      "core business" itself.<<

      Robert M writes:

      But a big point I was trying to make is that for
      the WC Waldorf education isn't really the "core
      business". IMO the talk there about Waldorf
      education is just "surface stuff" (that's
      American psycho-babble). I try to see under the
      surface to the real "stuff", the real "core
      business". And I "see", really, under the
      surface, hatred of the Christ. Opposition to
      Waldorf education is really a way of opposing
      the Christ.

      Robert B wrote:

      >>. . . . look for other people and found a new
      system, without the "problematic" esoteric

      RM writes:

      That may already be happening. I'm told that
      even in Germany maybe a third of Waldorf
      teachers aren't even Anthroposophists. But I
      don't know much about that.

      RB wrote:

      >>If you still think it is worth putting energy
      into Waldorf, I think it is best to be
      completely open with the esoteric background.<<

      RM writes:

      I agree; I'm against deception. I think I made
      that point in my long post. But sometimes even
      the Waldorf teachers might not know about the
      "esoteric background".

      RB wrote:

      >>Regarding the 7fold thinking: what do you plan
      to use it for? Is it an "esoteric tool" or
      something you intend to use for everyday life?<<

      Robert M writes:

      If you go to my Web page that I linked and read
      about 7fold thinking from the beginning, you'll
      get a pretty good idea of how I got into it. I
      got that idea from Bondarev, and I saw how he
      found the 7fold pattern throughout *PoF*. I
      tried to parse some Steiner texts, and I found
      the 7fold pattern there, if I looked for it.
      And so it seemed to me that Bondarev was really
      onto something; it made more and more sense.
      But soon it wasn't enough for me only to parse
      existing texts; I wanted to learn how to do it
      -- the thinking. I had already wanted at least
      to learn, in this incarnation, how to *think*.
      This wish has only gotten stronger as time goes
      on and death gets closer. It seems that
      thinking is 7folded; and why not? -- Everything
      else in the world is 7folded. So, I am trying
      to learn how to think 7foldedly.

      And, if Bondarev is right, this kind of thinking
      needs to become ever more "exoteric", if
      civilization is to be saved. And I may be the
      only one who is trying to do it, in English, as
      far as I know. It seems to me that at least one
      lone guy should make the try.

      So, I do it for myself and, hopefully, for the
      wider world. But, as Steiner tells us, even
      work upon oneself *is* work for the world. I
      hope that more will come of it later; right now,
      I'm just trying.

      Robert M
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