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Re: Elisabeth Vreede and the Bodhisattva

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  • Robert Mason
    RS said: The manner in which humanity is taught by its Leaders, but especially by a Bodhisattva who is to become the Maitreya Buddha, changes greatly from
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2013
      RS said:

      "The manner in which humanity is taught by its
      Leaders, but especially by a Bodhisattva who is
      to become the Maitreya Buddha, changes greatly
      from epoch to epoch."

      Robert writes:

      As to whether Peter Deunov (Beinsa Douno) was
      the Maitreya Bodhisattva --

      Deunov/Douno himself apparently refused to say
      exactly "who" he was. And the texts of his
      sayings are also very questionable; some of the
      texts going around are corrupted, it seems:

      "It may be known to some, and not to others,
      that many of the lectures of the Master exist in
      modified/edited form. Indeed, editing procedures
      were applied even during the Master's lifetime -
      without his consent - and they consisted in
      modifying the Words of the Master, in removing
      diagrams, in changing whole sentences and other
      such alterations - to the detriment of the Word
      itself. Unfortunately, this has meant that many
      of the Master's lectures in the original
      Bulgarian are available only in modified form,
      even before translation."


      ". . . . following the first three volumes of
      "Strength and Life", the records of the Master's
      lectures do have evident mistakes, gaps etc."

      -- So, it is very hard to say exactly in what
      "manner" Douno taught. We almost have to start
      over again from the beginning, and I have hardly
      even started the first time. The quotes above
      are from this site:
      . . . which is trying to get accurate texts out
      there. See especially "Topic 2" under "Answers
      on important topics".

      RS said:

      "Through a law which will be demonstrated and explained in future lectures, it is a peculiarity of this Bodhisattva that when he reappears in a new embodiment ¡ª and he always reappears thus in the course of the centuries ¡ª he is quite dissimilar in his youth from what he comes to be in his later activities. At a quite definite point of time in the life of this Bodhisattva, something like a revolution, a great transformation, always takes place. To express it more in detail, in some place or other there is a more or less gifted child, in whom it is not noticeable that he has to do anything special in preparation for the future evolution of humanity. Occult research confirms that no one during his childhood and youth gives so little sign of what he really is as he who is to incorporate a Bodhisattva. For at a certain point of time in his life a great change comes over him. If an individuality from the remote past ¡ª Moses, for example ¡ª is
      incorporated, it is not the same with him as it was with the Christ individuality, to whom Jesus of Nazareth left the sheaths. In the case of a Bodhisattva there certainly will be something like an exchange, but the individuality remains in a certain sense, and the individuality who comes from the remote past ¡ª as patriarch or another ¡ª and is to bring new forces for the evolution of humanity, descends, and the human being who receives him experiences an immense transformation. This transformation occurs particularly between the thirtieth and thirty-third years. It can never be known beforehand that this body will be taken possession of by the Bodhisattva. The change never shows itself in youth. The distinctive feature is precisely that the later years are so unlike the youthful ones."

      Robert writes:

      The author of Cosmo Christosophy looked
      into this, and sees a confirmation of

      There is also this site:

      Again, I haven't really dug into all
      this as deeply as it deserves. I'm just
      putting this out here FYI.


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