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RE: Helmut Zander - The Biography

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  • Robert Mason
    To all: I just gathered and read Jean-Marc s excerpts and comments on Zander s biography of RS. (These were on Anthroposophy Tomorrow ; I missed most of them
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 11, 2013
      To all:

      I just gathered and read Jean-Marc's excerpts
      and comments on Zander's biography of RS.
      (These were on "Anthroposophy Tomorrow"; I
      missed most of them the first time. The thread
      starts here:

      This, of course, is Zander's more recent book;
      the big one previous was his massive "history"
      of Anthroposophy in Germany.

      My overall impression? -- It's in the same vein
      as J-M's comment:

      >>Why do radiant white doves of the Church,
      turn into rattlesnakes and scorpions - when they
      are confronted with the true Michaelic emissary
      of the Solar God - and his monumental

      Yes, "rattlesnakes and scorpions" is an apt
      picture. The main thing that this series of
      posts brought home to me is: *hatred*.
      Anthroposophy is *hated* -- not just opposed but
      hated. Zander and Staudenmaier are just
      examples of the form that this hatred can take
      in academia, and the WC and suchlike are
      examples of the form that it can take on the
      Internet . . . but what we're looking at here is
      something much bigger and more elemental.

      The devils of Hell have always hated Christ;
      that's how it appears to me. But it's a lot
      harder to *understand*; this is not only
      "opposition"; it is *hatred*. Steiner was the
      foremost public representative of Christ in our
      times, and the Anthroposophy that he gave is the
      foremost, most effective expression of Christ in
      our times -- so it is only natural that the
      devils of Hell hate Steiner and Anthroposophy.

      But how do these devils find human beings (so
      many, it seems) to carry out this hatred? To
      me, such viciousness doesn't seem human. I can
      understand in human terms how someone could hate
      someone else who had "done something" to one. I
      can even understand in Reichian terms how
      someone could panic and flee from whatever
      causes "life energy" to flow and thus to release
      stored "pain" (of all kinds) from "armor". That
      is, I can understand human fear of "life energy"
      (or the "Christ impulse"), but actual *hatred*?
      . . . I can't quite grasp it.

      But we Anthros had better find a way to wrap our
      minds around it: it's here, and it's not going
      away easily. We are not facing mere
      "opposition"; we are facing real hatred, real
      malice and malevolence. The kind that we see in
      Zander's work and on the Internet manifests
      mostly as the "astral murder" of slander and
      distortion. But this verbal murder could become
      physically murderous, as it did in Steiner's

      I can observe such hatred and see how it works
      -- see, that is, from the outside, but
      understanding it from the inside is something
      else. I'm baffled. It's easy enough to
      understand hatred of someone who has inflicted
      some kind of pain on a victim, but how does one
      understand hatred of someone who has only freely
      given Truth and Healing? Fear might be somewhat
      understandable, but hatred is not, especially
      not when the hatred turns into untruthful
      maliciousness. Not understandable for me
      anyway; I can see it, but I can't quite get
      inside it.

      I'm just putting this out here for
      contemplation. "We" had better come to terms
      with it, somehow. Impossible as it seems, it's
      a reality. It's here, and it could get worse.

      Think about it,

      Robert Mason
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