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Re: Steiner Autobiography - Chapter III

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  • juancompostella
    ... Within the one doing the investigating; the one engaging the process. My experience seems to work the opposite of the order indicated by Steiner s steps
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      > Where is this "continually being corroborated" taking place?
      > Tom Last

      Within the one doing the investigating; the one engaging the process. My experience seems to work the opposite of the order indicated by Steiner's steps of Imagination, Inspiration, Intuition. I have made the determination that this is because he was an exact clairvoyant, and had always retained the natural clairvoyant faculty that normally begins to recede when our power of memory begins, which is around age four.

      Steiner worked into thinking from this larger faculty of clairvoyance, which is akin to the remembrance of our pre-existent life before birth; it is the second dimension of early childhood, and follows the one-pointed consciousness of the womb, or first dimension.

      When memory starts, we begin to enter the three dimensional world of subject-object distinctions, which is the first real stimulus to thinking, and also coincides with the beginnings of selfhood in Ego.

      In a lecture that Steiner gave in December of 1906; possibly the first one concerning "Education in the Light of Spiritual Science", he says at the beginning of the lecture that the spiritual-scientific movement began 30 years ago. Well, I found that kind of curious until I did a little investigating and found that 1876 was that pivotally important time when he bought Kant's "Critique of Pure Reason" and read it covertly in his history class at the Realschule in Wiener-Neustadt.

      So, I was able to adduce that this was in fact his first big effort to expand and extend the natural clairvoyant faculty that had been preserved into his teenage and yound adult years. This reading of Kant at fifteen was the beginning of "modern exact clairvoyance", which is no doubt the propellant power and force for the creation of the spiritual-scientific movement. Reading the autobiography carefully has corroborated this intuition I had, and a number of other references also indicate that Steiner always had one foot in the spiritual worlds long after birth.

      He sees thought through the lens of clairvoyance, and seeing that it is the faculty of the age, he is focused on what it will take to extend thinking all the way to the reality of spirit behind the sense perception and logic of the senses. This was his destiny to work out.

      Then, when worked out, he began to extend POF into spiritual researches designed to communicate the facts of the objective spiritual worlds to his audience.

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