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Re: [steiner] RAD, etc.

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  • Richard Distasi
    Janet, thanks for your response to the issue of R.A.D. I don t have the background that you have in this field however one can begin to see that as you said,
    Message 1 of 4 , Feb 17, 2001
      thanks for your response to the issue of R.A.D. I don't have the background
      that you have in this field however one can begin to see that as you said,
      "something nefarious is at work here." With the alarming increase of R.A.D.,
      autism and ADHD I would have to agree. You addressed the forces that most
      likely are behind this (what else could you call it) 'attack' on today's
      children. I would have to concur with your opinion. Also, thanks for the web
      site at the bottom of your message. Here is a portion of it:

      " The Mind Garden recognizes that the spirit of a child needs nourishing and
      nurturing before all else because if a child's spirit is crushed or ignored,
      nothing else functions properly. There will be a lack of ethics, integrity
      and respect. Sound familiar in the climate and culture of today?"

      Thanks again, Rick Distasi

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      Subject: [steiner] RAD, etc.

      > I'd like to add something along the lines of RAD as long as the subject
      > is children. Did you know that autism is now diagnosed in 1 out of every
      > 150 children? This is a lifelong debilitating condition that is of
      > epidemic proportions.
      > The culprit is narrowed down to the mercury used in the triple shots of
      > MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) Single vaccinations don't cause immediate
      > autistic symptoms, sometimes before the mother's very eyes, but it's
      > cheaper for the doctors to give a triple dose instead of a single one,
      > so they often lie to the parents and say the individual vaccines are not
      > available. It comes down to money.
      > Did you know that babies are routinely started on vaccines as infants,
      > sometimes even in the hospital? That mercury is a highly toxic metal
      > that pools in the vial of the triple MMR and if not shaken properly
      > before pulled into the syringe, the child receives pure mercury injected
      > directly into the body?
      > Autistic children are brilliant and gifted. They are coming in at a very
      > important time in our history. We need to ask....why are these children,
      > the leaders of tomorrow being poisoned to the point that they cannot
      > function in the real world?
      > Steiner says that a disability is the result of the soul not fully
      > incarnating, but that was before man stepped in and started vaccinating
      > with toxic substances.
      > Yes, I'm interested in what Steiner said about the beginning of time but
      > I'm more concerned about what Ahriman is doing to our children now in
      > the 21st century. Think about it...1 in 150 children with a life-long
      > debilitating condition. And the numbers are increasing daily.
      > ER had a program this week about a child who died because of
      > complications that arose when his parents refused to vaccinate for
      > measles. Aware parents noted that Anthony Edwards, who has an autistic
      > son, did not appear on that episode. He told a parent who knows him and
      > who called him that he didn't want to be part of that one. Needless to
      > say, this indictment of "negligent parents" has the autistic community
      > up in arms. Measles had already started to decline before the MMR
      > introduced.
      > Before you ask what this has to do with Steiner or Anthroposophy, please
      > stop a minute and think about this. Doesn't anybody see the dark forces
      > at work here? What about ADHD and the scandalous prescribing of Ritalin
      > which is now used by over 500,000 children in this country, including
      > preschoolers? Is little Harry fidgeting in his seat in school? He must
      > be hyperactive, quick give him Ritalin so he doesn't disrupt class. Much
      > quicker than changing the diet, right?
      > Does his mind wander while thinking about some new invention he's
      > working on? He must have ADD. Quick...give him Ritalin so he'll be so
      > zoned out he can't jiggle or think straight.
      > Ritalin is classified in the same category as cocaine. It's now the drug
      > of choice among teens who grind and sniff it to get a cocaine high while
      > secure in their faulty knowledge that if it's prescribed for their
      > little brother it must be safe.
      > It's a drug for Pete's sake with known short term side effects and the
      > long term effects aren't even known yet. What in God's name are we doing
      > to our children?
      > I'm tired of people flipping this off and saying I'm worried about
      > nothing. Nothing? I've worked with these children for 20 years and see
      > the incredible increase in autism. I see the harm that's been done and
      > the frustration of parents trying to stand up to the medical community.
      > It's all too obvious to me that something nefarious is at work here.
      > Janet
      > http://crcjct.home.netcom.com/spiritedchild.html
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