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  • Durward Starman
    _._Re ... I m just intrigued by a statement of HPB on Venus being in her 7th round right now, and her humanity having very advanced intellectuality. She
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      ... I'm just intrigued by a statement of HPB on "Venus being in her 7th round right now, and her "humanity" having very advanced intellectuality." She also added that "when the Earth reaches her 7th round, her humanity will achieve greater spirituality but with a kind of inferior intellectuality than the Venusian humanity right now."

      This really piques my interest on "humanity" outside Earth. What is the "Human" State?? Is it the very first degree of self-consciousness?? Do the Angels, Archangels, and other higher beings, possess self-consciousness? If I'm allowed to relate ideas from HPB to Dr. Steiner, I guess there are "humans" on Venus (again, humans, in the sense of possessing the first degree of self-consciousness).

      I also can't shake off this feeling that "humanity" (as I learned it from Theosophy, and from Dr. Steiner in particular) is spread over the entire solar system, even now.

      Did Dr. Steiner just deliberately restricted "humanity" to Earth humans, so that we can focus on our own development here? Did he mention this in his writings, or even just alluded to this? Is Earth the central creation of the Solar Hierarchies?

      I apologize for having so many questions in mind. I just want to make it personally, mentally, sound this Theosophical cosmogony

      *******Certainly no need to apologize. I wish all the people who have questions would ask them here!

      If you would like a description of the human-but-more-advanced-humanity that now exists on the plane of Venus, I can suggest 
      nothing better than the spirit-dictated book, A Dweller On Two Planets (1886), published for years by Steinerbooks. The author
       describes an initiation in the late 1800s in the Western US where he is sent for months to the plane of Venus in the second half of the book.
       I can vouch for it being real. Our study group is reading the book together currently.

      There are the grades of being above Man: Angels, Archangels, etc. In this world-epoch, we cannot rise to the level of Angels (as people erroneously say 
      of good departed human beings, that they are now "angels"), but we can rise higher, still as "human" beings so that we work much more with higher beings. 
      What Blavatsky called the Great White Brotherhood are beings between men and angels, able to perform miraculous deeds, take on physical bodies when
       needed,etc. All supernatural stories of "saints" describe these beings. They are no longer bound to the earth and time and space are quite different for them.
       They have gained self-consciousness but have also developed psychic awareness along with it such as most men will not have until the next world, or even 2
       worlds from now.  So they no longer feel at home on this earth plane. They come here on missions but their home is in the more advanced planes of the solar
       system, such as Jupiter and Venus.

      Re-sent because my response didn't show on previous post.

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