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  • DiwataD
    Hello people. Hello all those who study the teachings of Dr. Steiner in detail. I have some questions. 1. Are the PERIODS , that our Dr. Steiner referred to,
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 27, 2011
      Hello people. Hello all those who study the teachings of Dr. Steiner in detail. I have some questions.

      1. Are the "PERIODS", that our Dr. Steiner referred to, identical to the "PLANETARY CHAINS" of Theosophy? In several places, he implied that the "MOON CHAIN" of Blavatskian Theosophy is the "MOON PERIOD" (in places where he noted that Theosophy only had scanty references to periods preceding the Moon Period)

      2. Also, according to him, in the current fourth round of the fourth "EARTH PERIOD" the Sun and the outer planets (Saturn, Jupiter and Mars) separated from the Earth-mass and then SUN separated the inner planets (Mercury and Venus), each one at different times (in An Outline of Occult Science) -- doesn't each of these planets have its own planetary scheme -- i.e. there is a Venus scheme, Jupiter scheme, etc. -- independent of the PLANET Earth scheme, if only in a manner? Or they all belong to the Earth scheme?

      3. Are there any mentions of this (#2 question) elsewhere in his writingS?

      4. There is a mention in Madame HPB's Secret Doctrine that, Venus is in it's seventh round, Mercury (??) coming out of a pralaya, etc. Is it the case that each of these planets have their own evolutionary SCHEME in a way independent of the Earth Scheme?

      5. Do you think that this is one of the ideas that Dr. Steiner wants us to figure out on our own?

      6. What I understand is, HUMANITY is the FIRST condition of individualized consciousness. Is this in accord with Dr. Steiner?

      7. In places he mentioned that, in the present part of our HUMAN "kin", so to speak, evacuated to the outer planets. Do you think he also "implied" that there are also a few most advanced HUMAN individualities which went out with the Sun, and later on with Venus and Mercury? He talked about Gautama Buddha as one such Individuality (is he HUMAN?) who came from Venus.

      I apologize for not taking down notes -- I should have. I know that the Theosophy of Dr. Steiner is Earth-HUMAN-centric, but I want to look at his cosmogony from the perspective of the SUN, our primary Hierarch, so I am rearranging ideas according to the Theosophical ordering. I do this also to identify the differences in the teachings of HPB and Dr. Steiner. Has anyone done this?

      8. Thinking on these, I'm having some insights -- the beings of the present planets were already within the big Saturn-mass of the Saturn PERIOD, of course at lower scales of evolution. Could it be that the Jupiter scheme, Venus scheme, etc. are "portions" of that mass, each undergoing it's own planetary scheme? I'm having an insight that Dr. Steiner just deliberately omitted this detail and just focused on the Earth scheme for convenience -- that is, to suit the Earth-Man-centric perspective? Or Am I just experiencing some sort of an astral delusion?

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