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Anthroposophical Knowing

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  • Durward Starman
    ******* That quote from Steiner about eclipses was from a lecture-series quoted in a book by Beredine Jocelyn, which I got as a gift from a student at the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2011
      ******* That quote from Steiner about eclipses was from a lecture-series quoted in a book by Beredine Jocelyn, which I got as a gift from a student at the Rudolf Steiner Institute last summer and which I was reading a few days ago. I also found this quote in the same chapter, about how to know anthroposophically. This is what's so important, that anthroposophy not only has truths which others do not, but also that we must arrive at these truths in a different way. It can't be done through the intellect but only by living them.
         Dr. Steiner first described how in ancient times, initiates would ask a question of the universe as the sun rose at new moon, and then 14 days later, at full moon, 'listen' for the answer. It did not come by analyzing and re-analyzing past experiences and/or ideas, but as a direct experience, an inner perception. Then he went on to say....

      "For modern man the world is utterly bereft of the Spirit, and he understands nothing of the Spirit which reveals itself everywhere in the world; or, if he speaks of the Spirit, he does so in a vague pantheistic sense, with no concrete knowledge of how, for instance, the rays of the will are related to the light coming from the Moon.

          By means of an initiation suited to modern times, we are, however, enabled to enter once more into relationship with the Cosmos and with the Spirit of the Universe. The only difference is that the modern intellect has to do it in another way. The preparatory exercises leading to initiation are described in my books, particularly in Knowledge of the Higher Worlds and its Attainment. The purpose of such exercises is to bring the man of today to a point at which it is possible for him really to receive answers to these questions -- -- -- not merely in his modern pride to turn the questions over in his head, and expect answers to arise from his own brain. The latter method may indeed result in exceedingly clever ideas; but mere 'cleverness' can never lead to true answers to the riddles of life. This continual turmoil in his head shuts man off from the universe...


         You must cast your problems into flower and ocean, into the great vault of heaven and its stars, into everything which comes to you as an impression from without -- -- -- and, having done this, you must wait until sooner or later the answers emerge from your innermost being. You have not to wait exactly 14 days -- -- -- it is not for you to determine, as the old Initiates were able to do, the duration of this., be it short or long. You have merely to wait until the right moment comes, that moment in which all that was previously external impression becomes inward experience, and the answer springs from your own inner being... if a man desires to penetrate into the great mysteries of existence, he must be able to enter into a spiritual relationship with Cosmic Beings."


      ******* The experience is one of, "Ah! Of course! That's the answer. I see now." Such a thing can't be produced at will. Self-will and intellectual pride is quite useless in arriving at this kind of perception and must in fact be renounced in order to have it. You can't make yourself see a mountain except by going there, and similarly you can't force a perception of truths but must reach the maturity to perceive them and then they are clear as day.




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