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re book: *RS's Core Mission* by TH Meyer

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  • Robert Mason
      I copied this image of the cover of the German edition.  It shows a rare photo of Rudolf Steiner; I have not found this picture anywhere else.  If you
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 16, 2010

      I copied this image of the cover of the German

      edition.  It shows a rare photo of Rudolf

      Steiner; I have not found this picture anywhere

      else.  If you think that you see a special glow

      in Steiner's countenance, you're right; more

      about that later.


      -- I'm taking a little break from the hard work

      of trying to read Bondarev's *PoF* book.  This

      book by Meyer is easier reading, but still very

      important, IMO.  Anyway, it seems worth

      spreading the word.  The English edition was

      published this year by Temple Lodge.


      Meyer's book focuses on the idea that the "core

      mission" (*eigenste Mission*) of Rudolf

      Steiner's incarnation was to research the facts

      of reincarnation and karma.  This focus

      encompasses the people around Steiner who helped

      to awaken his knowledge of reincarnation and

      whose knowledge Steiner helped to awaken.  The

      narrative relates especially to Steiner's

      previous incarnation as Thomas Aquinas and to

      the "detour" that Steiner's life took because

      he, as a consciously free deed, fulfilled his

      teacher Karl Julius Schröer's ("Plato's")

      defaulted karmic task of turning Goethe's

      scientific work into spiritual science.  As it

      happened, the "detour" worked well for Steiner,

      but it was only in the nine months following the

      Christmas Conference that Steiner's own

      essential karmic work could blossom fully.


      This book is a panorama of many meaningful facts

      that were previously unknown, or only half-

      known, to me. -- For instance, there is much

      about the young Steiner's first Initiation and

      his Master.  Actually, as Meyer shows, RS had at

      least two earthly Masters, Christian Rosenkreutz

      and the Master Jesus (Zarathustra). -- And there

      is the story of Steiner's relation to Edouard

      Schuré, especially concerning the information

      passed about RS's Initiation.  I had not known

      that RS saw Schuré's introduction to the French

      *Christianity as Mystical Fact* before printing

      and made no corrections.  This would seem to

      imply that Schuré's descriptions of RS's Master

      and Initiation were not merely poetic fancies

      but can be taken as essentially correct.  And

      Meyer also reveals the connection between Schuré

      and Marie Steiner's crippling.


      As another for-instance:  I had previously

      mentioned online the buzz about the poet Johann

      Fercher von Steinwand putatively being the

      reincarnation of Mani.  But Meyer makes a fairly

      convincing case (though not directly from

      Steiner) that Fercher was the reincarnation of

      the same Dionysius the Areopagite who

      encountered St. Paul.  This would seem to

      eliminate Mani, if (as I think I recall) Mani

      had been incarnated as the young man of Nain,

      who must have been a contemporary of that



      And so on. -- Meyer draws on much information

      that is almost unknown in the English Anthro

      world, and on some that was previously

      unpublished altogether.  As, in particular,

      that rare photo of RS.  The story is that the

      photographer (in 1907) asked Steiner to pose

      while in a clairvoyant state.  RS agreed, and

      thus the special glow.


      -- Altogether, a very worthwhile book IMO.  Not

      quite perfect maybe, but what book is?  Still

      highly recommended; much good info.


      Robert Mason



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