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  • Tom Mellett
    Ladies and gentlemen of the English speaking Steiner Internet Universe. Through all my 34 years of anthropoposhy, I knew deep down in my cozy Gemuet that it
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 25, 2010
      Ladies and gentlemen of the English speaking Steiner Internet Universe.

      Through all my 34 years of anthropoposhy, I knew deep down in my cozy Gemuet that it would be my destiny as mild-mannered reporter for a great Akasha Chronicle to break the story of identifying Rudolf Steiner in his long-awaited next incarnation in the 21st century. And here is that story.

      *********** OCCULT BREAKING NEWS **************

      EXCLUSIVE!!!--------- EXCLUSIVE!!!--------- EXCLUSIVE!!!---------

      EXCLUSIVE SCOOP from Hollywood Tomfortas,
      Ace Occult Irish Esoteric Investigative Reporter
      for the Akasha Chronicle.



      HE'S A SHE!!! HE'S A SHE!!!



      Move over , Judith von Halle!!! You've got competition!!! From none other than the now reincarnated Rudolf Steiner, self-identified by her own very self as

      ************* WIBKE REINSTEIN ******************

      a 39 year old German woman from Karlsruhe, who has revealed herself on Facebook where she has a following of more than 400 friends!!!

      (Karlsruhe just a Stein's throw, as it were --- 80 km = 50 miles NNW of Stuttgart)

      Indeed it was this very message I read on Michael Eggert's German Egoisten blog just 2 days ago that informed me about Wibke:

      "So schart eine Enddreissigerin bei Facebook 360 Anhänger um sich, die an ihren Lippen hängen, weil oder obwohl sie behauptet, die Reinkarnation Rudolf Steiners zu sein."
      „And so, a late 30-something woman gathers 360 followers around herself on Facebook, each one hanging on to her every word, either because of --- or, in spite of --- her claiming to be the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner."

      Here is her Facebook page with a nice photo of her. (Indeed, I just sent off a message to Dottie Zold telling Dottie that she and Wibke look so much alike that Wibke could be Dottie's kid sister.)
      Also this more detailed profile page

      OK, I do believe that you will need to friend her before you get access to the site; however, who in their right or left mind would not want to friend the present reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner?

      Of course, for us Anglos, the main difficulty with Wibke is that she is native German, her books and her FB site are in German and she says that she doesn't know English very well.

      Therefore, I will translate a few highlights from her many FB discussion threads to give a sense of who she is.

      At least one person has alleged that I must have Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), --- supposedly there's some evidence for it and the appropriate doctor would surely have diagnosed it. Over the past 18 years, I have lived with the experience of actually being the reincarnation of Rudolf Steiner and I have spoken with many people about it. Not one person could ever really say anything for it or against it, neither clairvoyants, nor psychotherapists, nor psychologists, nor doctors. The fact that I have no narcissistic disorder seems to be rather obvious, since I partake of rather normal relationships, as well as for the past 12 years working very lovingly and successfully with elderly dementia patients in nursing homes. But if anyone would like to discuss this here . . . fine with me. I'm open to anything.

      Wibke's main corrective to the anthroposophy of Rudi is the relationship between male and female. Indeed she has written two books already (a lot like Judith von Halle)

      Here are Wibke's books so far

      Persönliche Lichtstrahlen: 5 Enthüllungen: Das letzte Rätsel über Mann und Frau /Quelle des Lebens in erstmaliger wissenschaftlicher Aufarbeitung ... Rudolf Steiner /Reinkarnation Rudolf Steiners

      Personal Rays of Light: 5 Revelations: The Ultimate Riddle Of Man And Woman / Source of Life in Modern Scientific Renewal ... Rudolf Steiner / Reincarnation Of Rudolf Steiner

      You can listen to Wibke reading from this book (1 hr. 9 min) on this Vimeo page
      "The Ultimate Riddle of Man and Woman"

      Her other book is "Nachfolger Rudolf Steiner" = Rudolf Steiner's Successor(s) where she addresses the whole issue of who and/or what is to succeed Rudolf Steiner and his founding of the Society.

      Here another photo of her with her Amazon profile

      Another discussion topic on her FB page
      Spiritual Science looks at Man and Woman

      [The topic of this thread is about] . . . the `freedom to love' or the `love of freedom': man or woman. West or East. <Or>. . . objective feeling in the subjective will or else, the objective will in the subjective feeling.

      These things have been mixed up for too long. Yet both are increasingly accessible to us as human beings now. In many places, Rudolf Steiner observed these matters, but only from one side. I've already worked out some of it in my books. We can see this one-sidedness both in the simplest and most everyday words, expressions and relationships between men and women and also in the most nobly motivated ambitions of individual humankind.

      Whenever I facilitate `couples conversations', I succeed because their respective differences become more and more obvious and that enhances respect for boundaries. We can gladly discuss this topic here.

      I'll be posting more soon. Just need to get this breaking news of WHS out there now.

      Hollywood Tomfortas
    • Tom Mellett
      But wait, there s more! Michael Eggert just put up one of his funny cartoons which features both Judith von Halle and Wibke Reinstein. The back story is that
      Message 2 of 2 , Aug 25, 2010
        But wait, there's more!

        Michael Eggert just put up one of his funny cartoons which features both Judith von Halle and Wibke Reinstein. The back story is that Hermann Keimeyer is a classic Anthroposophical mystic, who apparently received JvH an WR as guests over the past few years or so. That's part of why Michael is calling him "The Anthroposophical Womanizer."

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